Azusa - ELM Spring 2013 - page 2

Hi! Has anyone heard from Azusa Pacific University (main campus)? I was recently admitted to their new Spring 2013 cohort that begins in January and just wanted to see if anyone else as accepted...... Read More

  1. by   c00kykitty
    me? I applied for the fall 2013 group...
  2. by   hughes317
    Have you heard anything back yet? Good luck! You can always ask the schools for advice, see if they recommend retaking the class you got a c in.
  3. by   kaolla56
    Has anyone heard anything yet? :/
  4. by   sc24
    Hi Kaolla56,
    I was accepted in early december for Fall 2013 (Azusa location). Good luck everyone!
  5. by   hannebass
    I was accepted in December too for Fall 2013...super excited to meet some fellow students
  6. by   fancyeyes
    what was your GPA? Are there any benefits to applying to the main campus over the san diego campus? I'm not sure which one to apply to...
  7. by   rnnp2013
    i've talked to many current students in different campuses, it seems that the san bernardino campus is becoming the best! im going to check 'em out soon, they have a facebook page and looks like they're being very active and their nclex passing rate is high.
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