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Austin Peay FNP Program- Fall 2013 - page 2

I applied to the online Regents program at Austin Peay and I was curious if anyone else was doing this. It looks like I might have gotten in based on their online application but I haven't gotten a... Read More

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    Quote from roxhannah
    I got my official letter today! I am super excited/horrified! Good luck and keep me updated!
    WooHoo!!! Congratulations!!!!
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    I applied to the program to start this summer and confirmed that everything was submitted on April 29....anyone have an idea on how long I should need to wait for the decision? I am FREAKING out here. Also, any advice on where to look for scholarships/grants, etc? Congrats on being admitted!
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    They look over everything on the 1st of each month if I remember right. If you look online you should see an update any day now!
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    Yay! I got in as we'll! I was notified over the phone of my acceptance but still haven't gotten my letter that was supposedly mailed out the 13th....should I be concerned about it being lost in the mail? I'm so anxious to get things taken care of since class starts in a couple weeks!

    Are you all going part time of full time?
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    I was super excited at first- now I am just dreading it haha. Congrats on getting in! I am going part time and taking the summers off, so it is going to take forever. I am not sure I could go straight through though. How about you? I am not starting till fall so I am anxious to see how you like it!
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    Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well. I know this post is a little old, but I was wondering if anyone would like to give updates on the experience with the RODP. I have applied for Spring 2015 and waiting for a decision. Any advice would be great!