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I just applied to the Entry Level Masters program for Azusa Pacificu University and the deadline was November 1st....has anyone received a phone call for an interview? They are very vague on when you... Read More

  1. by   Agh2011
    Hi everyone, congratulation to thOse who got accepted. I got accepted for spring 2014 to San bernardino. I like to go APU main camp. I would like to know if anyone like to switch his/her location w me. I have a disable husband and a 2 years old son. It is very difficult for me to move to sanbernardino. Plez let me know. thanks.
    Oh one more thing the research class and chimstry need to include lab, I don't think online classes will be acceptable. Plez correct me if I am wrong????
  2. by   hannebass
    I am almost positive that they accept the courses that are offered through APOU (Azusa pacific online university) pre-nursing certificate program...the courses inclusive in this program are anatomy, physiology, chemistry for health sciences, and microbiology and all these are online and include a lab component. The labs are completed via a lab paq kit-everything is done at home...check it out! I took the anatomy and physiology courses and there was nothing easy about them...just as demanding as a traditional college class.
  3. by   Agh2011
    Ok thanks, good to know!!!
  4. by   Agh2011
    For organic Chem and bio Chem. Do u know when start???
  5. by   hannebass
    Quote from Agh2011
    For organic Chem and bio Chem. Do u know when start???
    They are trying to offer each science course for each 8 week session...the summer 1 session starts Monday and the sessions run for 8 weeks
  6. by   hannebass
    Quote from Agh2011
    For organic Chem and bio Chem. Do u know when start???
    They only offer chemistry for health sciences...it is heavy on the bio and org chem but if you are needing those classes specifically you may want to check if the class meets the requirements for the program...I'm pretty sure for the ELMN prog it does..but check with the SON
  7. by   Agh2011
    Thanks for the info, I need those classes forELMN. Which camp u got into?
  8. by   Agh2011
    Is there anyone who is accepted for San barnardino camp. And lives around Glendale, la cracenta. Plez response, thanks!!!
  9. by   KatrinaAnderson
    Where did you end up finding the biochem course? I am in the same boat!
  10. by   KatrinaAnderson
    Quote from ricebunny87
    Thank you so much! I actually found a course that they approved So I am good to go! Thank you for responding and good luck
    Where did you end up taking the biochem class? I am in the same boat.
  11. by   hannebass
    Ask if you can take the course chemistry for health sciences through apou...I know it's part of the pre-nursing certificate program but am unsure if it can be taken as a stand alone (but I can't imagine it couldn't)..it does cover biochem and org chem...it's worth a checj
  12. by   Agh2011
    Is there any Facebook group fir San bernardino????
  13. by   oyvey06
    I could not find a group for our cohort, so I made one on facebook. Look under APU ELM Inland Empire Spring 2014 Cohort.