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I just applied to the Entry Level Masters program for Azusa Pacificu University and the deadline was November 1st....has anyone received a phone call for an interview? They are very vague on when you might hear something so I... Read More

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    Congratulations to all the APU ELM students. I am starting the APU ELM program in the spring semester . I am excited and anxious all at the same time. I wanted to know if any of you have any tips/suggestions about what to do before I start the program. Should I review anything ahead of time ? I will like to be productive before I start.
    Thank You in advance.
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    Hello always smiling,

    how intense is this program? Is it doable with a full time job? I appreciate your response!
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    I was finishing up my BS Health Science @APU, was thinking of applying to the ELM program Monrovia. My question is does anyone know what the Theory & clinical schedule/hours are?
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    What's the name of medsurg book you guys using at APU?

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