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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

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    i just spoke to my enrollment advisor and she stated orientation will be next week, july 16. we can access it through the website she stated the orientation will be open starting july 16 and throughout our course of study/graduation. i believe she also stated they will automatically register us for the two classes i mention earlier. my welcome call is pretty much far away from now, its scheduled for august 16 but she did say we should receive a welcome packet about 5 to 6 wks to classes starting which i believe will be about the last week of only concern due to the fact of ordering books. i am aware the school will order your books but i rather pay a discounted rate obviously.
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    I didn't know that they would pay for our books. If we would rather purchase them ourselves then we should maybe tell our advisors. Only thing is is that with financial aid I want my books as soon as class starts which is what I need done.....Then maybe later I can order them cheaper if I know far enough in advance what to order. Financial aid only comes 3 times a year so we need to have all that we need prior to classes. I don't know if we can order from our lines of credit through the bookstore or how that is handled.....I am not real impressed with the financial aid office right now that's for sure.
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    i agree not much communication with financial aid either.i assumed they would communicate with me more after i accepted the award letter but nothing. our financial aid will pay for our books if we choose that route but i wanted to use the other sites to get cheaper books. i rather pay 150 than 300 for books. i believe its 4 books we need for the first semester.still unsure so i will write down every question i have for my program coordinator until its time for my welcome call. she'll be tire with me rambling lol.
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    Yeah well too bad!! Keep on rambling because we have to pay all of this back you know? We have a right to know. Tomorrow is my welcome call so I will keep you posted. Fortunately I have enough financial aid to cover the cost of this program (like $50,000). I thought and was originally told that the entire program was $33,000 and now they're trying to tell me that every year my tuition will increase???? What??? How can tuition increase when they tell you how much the program is from the beginning??
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    Hopefully it doesnt increase too much or im gonna be on the side of the road with a sign that states will work for school! Get all of your questions together before the call.hopefully it will finally be some clarity for at least one of us.
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    I received my phone call today saying I was accepted for the fall FNP program. I am so excited but have a lot of questions too! Looks like we'll all be classmates!
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    I recently applied to Maryville University's online FNP program. It has not quite been 3 weeks. I hope none of you mind me asking but was your GPA well over 3.0? Congrats to all of you for being accepted!
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    Congratulations on being accepted and I am so glad that we will be classmates !!!
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    Mine was 3.69 undergrad BSN and 4.0 from my Master of Arts in Psychology: Mental Health Administration
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    Hey all! I joined this site just to communicate re Maryville. I have applied 2 weeks ago everything was in according to my enrollment advisor and am on pins and needles waiting to hear!!! This is my 2nd attempt at aprn and the first time was rough!
    I am just ready to know and pray and get more information. Please think of me and my wait I know you all have been there. I applied for Fall 12.
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    I hope that you get accepted. Please share with us about this being your second attempt at the advanced registered nurse practitioner program? I have applied to several schools until coming to MVU (Maryville). It is a hard road and one that takes dedication and hard work but we can do it.....
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    I applied & was accepted to Frontier May 2010. Classes began July 2010, I took 10 days of class & withdrew. It was SO difficult I cannot convey! That being said my baby was less than 1& I had just lost my father in law...... Too much.600 plus pages reading plus the assignments per class (3) & the papers not enough hours in the day. I completed my associate and bachelor of nursing online so I felt prepared butwas way off.
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    Sorry for the rambling...... But all of the above applied I feel the8wk terms are more for me & think Maryville will be a good fit now if I could just hear from them....How long did it take you all to find out if accepted?

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