Anyone know about Maryville's FNP program? - page 25

I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

  1. by   OklahomaRN2016
    Avoid Maryville like the plague.
    I was told this was a great school and wonderful program by one of my coworkers. I started the program in Fall of '14. Boy I wish I had done some research prior to this adventure. I would be transferring if I wasn't so close to being finished. FIND A SCHOOL THAT HELPS YOU WITH PRECEPTORS. I do think they are trying to make the program challenging. The tests are hard, they are proctored, but I am literally teaching myself everything. I have no idea if I will feel prepared when I am done, which is horrifying. If you choose to go to this program, start looking for preceptors at least a year in advance.
  2. by   grizmama
    I live in Utah and had very little issues finding multiple preceptors. It's graduate school so there is a lot of self mastery and self instruction but it's manageable. It's really what you make of it. Tuition is competitive compared to other online programs.
  3. by   chelley333
    So, did you end up going with Maryville University?....I'm considering it, but would like some feedback before I make a decision.
  4. by   DLS1016
    Hello, will start PMHNP program this fall. I have never taken an online class and the last time I was in school was 15 years ago at Univ of MD Baltimore City for my BSN. Very worried about maneuvering online. I just ordered my books through Amazon $220 for all 4. I have not spoken to advisor yet, but just did the mandatory orientation today online. Biggest fears - figuring out how to do this computerized/online and learning the language.