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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not... Read More

  1. by   nursegirl2001
    Quote from jd2186
    i am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about maryville university's fnp program? they are starting a new online fnp program next year, but am kind of leery because i am not able to find much about the program. also, does anyone know where i might find fnp certification pass rates per university?
    okay here is my advisors contact information for maryville university. she is a wonderful advisor. the classess are to be taken 2 at a time and are 8 weeks long and the program is a little over 2 years long. i hope that this helps. i believe that it can be done full-time in 2 years or part time in 3 years. contact susan finnane for more information okay?

    susan finnane
    enrollment advisor

    maryville university
    msn-family nurse practitioner
    msn-adult/geriatric nurse practitioner
    dnp-doctor of nursing practice

    toll free: 1(877)830-4636 ext. 4045
    fax: 1(866)388-7416
  2. by   morgan74
    Hey, I also applied for the Summer 2012 term. Did your advisior tell you how you get notified if you're accepted. I applied about 2 wks and 3 days ago and haven't heard a thing. I called and never received a return call. I assume we will be notified in the mail but just curious
  3. by   nursegirl2001
    Hello Morgan:

    I got a phone call yesterday and an email stating that I got into Maryville's MSN-FNP program so HHHOOORRRAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!! It took about 3 weeks for me to get a reply. So email them and give them a call as well and be polite about it. I hope that you get accepted.
  4. by   humbled
    Hi expensive is the program?
  5. by   nursegirl2001
    For the entire program for Maryville's MSN-FNP it's like $24,000 or around that amount because I asked. I hope that this helps. It just kills me how some of the other Universities and colleges want to charge an ungodly price for the same degree/educational content. I wanted to go to Georgetown but their cost is $80,000 for the entire thanks!!!
  6. by   rtrn08
    Congrats nursegirl2001!

    I have applied to Maryville University also last Friday. I have questions about the rigor of the program as well. In addition, I wanted to know what type of support is available for online FNP course and what to expect throughout the coursework; didactics and clinical portion. If you have additional information, kindly post it or IM me and we can get in touch. I am in Los Angeles, CA.


  7. by   nursegirl2001
    So you are living in Los Angeles? I won't even bother asking about the cost of living out that way. I worked there 4 years ago on a psyche travel RN job and I loved California !!!! Didn't like the people too much there in LA because they were so rude but anyhoo...obtaining this degree would certainly improve you guys' quality of living out there, correct? I don't have any more information at the moment than you do but I would highly advise you to ask your advisor these questions because they are the ones who know the answers. However, if I find out anything I will let you know. I hope that you get accepted !!!!
  8. by   rtrn08
    Thanks for your comments, nursegirl2001. Quality of life is all good for me; not sure what exactly the comment referred to. I think it is the climate that sells California and not necessarily the other aspects. My psyche rotation experience was not very nice. Our clinical instructor had more psych issues than the patients there. *wink*

    Sorry that you did not have a good experience in LA. There are all types of people living in all areas; good, bad, and the ugly :-). I was trying to get a feel & perspective of program from nurses who actually may have attended. Good thing happened that I was able to connect with the student who graduated couple of weeks ago from Maryville FNP program (not online though) and she was very kind and helpful and agreed to mentor me through the program. Yahoo....!!

    I will post more info as I get the first hand experience in the program after I am accepted. Anything to assist my fellow nurses.

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  9. by   nursegirl2001

    Please keep me informed about your experience at Maryville as I will as well. I am attending the online MSN-FNP distance learning program. So far I appreciate what I see and how they correspond. I am hoping to transfer in about 6 of my previous graduate credits. I don't start the program until the beginning of September 2012. I would like to buy my books early and kinda get a headstart there but we will see. As for California, I have been to other cities and the people are nicer, more hospitable. The larger the city the more rude the people and LA has that pretty bad....However, the weather is just beautiful as are the mountains and the ocean. Hey I hope to hear back from you when you are accepted.

  10. by   bvwatts04
    I recently applied to the Fall start for Maryville too! Praying that I get accepted. It looks like it is a great program, just new to the online program. However their pass rate for boards is great news!!!
  11. by   lovenursing21
    I got my admission letter(email) yesterday start date Aug 27th 2012 am so excited but a little nervous.Anyone else
  12. by   bvwatts04
    I got my acceptance letter! So excited and a little nervous too! Do you know yet what courses you will be starting out with?
  13. by   baldwina1015
    I was accepted to start August 27th 2012. I am waiting for my financial aid letter, she said about three weeks and I found out last Monday. I submitted my application hoping to get into the May start date, but I never heard anything from them until about four weeks ago a recruiter called me and said she saw I was interested in the program and I told her I sent all my stuff in months prior and she looked it up and was like oh yea I see it here. So apparently in was just sitting in limbo waiting for someone to submit it. So she submitted it and it took three weeks for me to hear I was accepted. I was annoyed at first that it was just sitting there and no one had called for so long. But it is partly my fault I was dealing with a different recruiter and I myself never followed through with her after I sent it in, I didn't know I would need her to submit it all. Anyways Once this recruiter called me she never stopped. If I was at work and didn't answer my phone she would continue to call me, she called me one night ten times. So I became leary myself because she was really persistent. At the same time it was nice that she kept me updated all the time and made me feel that if this was an indication of the program it was a good thing. Since I live in Rhode Island and the school is in St. Louis its good to know that they are always in reach. She told me the program had a 100% pass rate last year and the cost was approx. $31,000. I am still waiting to see if I get into the FNP program at the University of Cincinnati. They told me 9-12 weeks and I am in week 9. That program takes 2 years so it is a little shorter and it does cost less.My undergrad GPA was 3.1 and I have been working in a skilled nursing home for about 1.5 years. But if I don't get in there I will definitely be going to Maryville. So we should exchange info because we will probably be in the same classes. It would be good to know some of my other classmates.