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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not able to find much about the... Read More

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    Thanks, I'll call tomorrow. I'm particularly interested in application deadlines and the rigors of the program for the working gal.
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    Well my advisor is going to email tomorrow concerning the rigors of the program as well because that was one factor I wanted to prepare myself for too. So when she emails me I will post something on here for you
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    Thank you. I'll try to give them a call. I know another program I'm looking at is supposed to ideal for the working student. I've since learned it requires 40+ hours for most students...she had to drop out. The school reps need to be honest re: the required time commitment. And I'm sure they have a pretty good idea. Good luck to you. I wish I could apply sooner than next winter.
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    Quote from jd2186
    i am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about maryville university's fnp program? they are starting a new online fnp program next year, but am kind of leery because i am not able to find much about the program. also, does anyone know where i might find fnp certification pass rates per university?
    okay here is my advisors contact information for maryville university. she is a wonderful advisor. the classess are to be taken 2 at a time and are 8 weeks long and the program is a little over 2 years long. i hope that this helps. i believe that it can be done full-time in 2 years or part time in 3 years. contact susan finnane for more information okay?

    susan finnane
    enrollment advisor

    maryville university
    msn-family nurse practitioner
    msn-adult/geriatric nurse practitioner
    dnp-doctor of nursing practice

    toll free: 1(877)830-4636 ext. 4045
    fax: 1(866)388-7416
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    Hey, I also applied for the Summer 2012 term. Did your advisior tell you how you get notified if you're accepted. I applied about 2 wks and 3 days ago and haven't heard a thing. I called and never received a return call. I assume we will be notified in the mail but just curious
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    Hello Morgan:

    I got a phone call yesterday and an email stating that I got into Maryville's MSN-FNP program so HHHOOORRRAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!! It took about 3 weeks for me to get a reply. So email them and give them a call as well and be polite about it. I hope that you get accepted.
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    Hi expensive is the program?
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    For the entire program for Maryville's MSN-FNP it's like $24,000 or around that amount because I asked. I hope that this helps. It just kills me how some of the other Universities and colleges want to charge an ungodly price for the same degree/educational content. I wanted to go to Georgetown but their cost is $80,000 for the entire thanks!!!
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    Congrats nursegirl2001!

    I have applied to Maryville University also last Friday. I have questions about the rigor of the program as well. In addition, I wanted to know what type of support is available for online FNP course and what to expect throughout the coursework; didactics and clinical portion. If you have additional information, kindly post it or IM me and we can get in touch. I am in Los Angeles, CA.


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    So you are living in Los Angeles? I won't even bother asking about the cost of living out that way. I worked there 4 years ago on a psyche travel RN job and I loved California !!!! Didn't like the people too much there in LA because they were so rude but anyhoo...obtaining this degree would certainly improve you guys' quality of living out there, correct? I don't have any more information at the moment than you do but I would highly advise you to ask your advisor these questions because they are the ones who know the answers. However, if I find out anything I will let you know. I hope that you get accepted !!!!

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