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I am writing to see if anyone has attended or heard good things about Maryville University's FNP program? They are starting a new online FNP program next year, but am kind of leery because I am not able to find much about the... Read More

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    I went to and could not login with my username and password. I just signed up for it today, maybe that has something to do with it but I could not access orientation. I suppose I will call Tech support tomorrow.
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    Ok I copied and pasted the link exactly as written and went through everything Maryville on Facebook and couldn't find it. I have Grimlins in my computer! LOL Are you sure Facebook is ready to join? Am I searching in the wrong search? Can you look for me? Maybe I'm just tired and frustrated today.
    My name on Facebook is: Adele LeJeune Wolf
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    i sent u a facebook message with the link to the group and for everyone else here it is Log In | Facebook

    But someone else said there is one already would love to know what its called so I can join.

    As for the textbooks I checked that out and your right nothing pops up for online. It did used to let you pick that. Maybe they changed it to combine all because before it did not show sections 1-11. It stated at like 5 or something. So I am thinking the first few are for the campus based classes. I am not 100% though, because now it is different. I didn't buy my books for 601 yet and I will just hold off until I found out what is going on for sure, maybe email the book store staff and they know.

    and here is the link again to the orientation.
    f you can't log on tomorrow I would def call tech support. But maybe your account just needs time to be fully on here seeing as you just did it today. So hopefully works tomorrow.
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    Thank you for the facebook update.i started orientation.i like it so far.working on the second discussion question.the discussions required APA format responses.i recommend others purchasing the PERRLA software or if you are efficient in writing APA format your fine.its actually making me even more excited and apprehensive to start all at once.
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    I guess I was upset enough they scheduled my welcome call and internet conference call thingy at 11am today, so I will share all of the info I get. My advisor said I will find out about books needed and all needed to get started. So I will post soon.
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    thanks, cant wait to hear because my call is not until August 17th!!!
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    somebody send me a personal message in Facebook for the group because I didn't get the other one. If you send me a friend request I could find it on your page.
    Adele LeJeune Wolf is my name on facebook.
    Very frustrated.
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    sent u a friend request
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    Just finishing the conference call. It is on the computer and the phone. She talks with a powerpoint.
    She is going to email us the whole powerpoint so if anyone wants it I can email it to you.
    She said she will send by 4pm today.
    The reason I couldn't get to orientation is that some of us are accepted but not registered yet. Whew!
    You can buy books from the bookstore with your student loan once you are registered and you have accepted the award letter.
    You can also request to have the remainder of money sent to you and buy your books elsewhere.
    The book list with syllabus will be sent to use by email prior to every class starting.
    They asked for our patience because there are 8-9 sections and around 250 new students starting Fall Semester in our program.
    All of the details of the powerpoint and any other information I get I will be happy to send anyone who wants it.
    Just give me your email address.
    I feel so much better now. And I will share
    Thanks everyone for being patient with my anxiety attack of late!
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    My last entry says 4:57 pm that must be California time.
    I am in Alabama and Central time. It is 12 noon here now
    so I will send information as I get it, which should be within next 4 hours.

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