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Hey y'all! Anyone out there excited for the 2013-2014 application cycle to start? So many programs to look into! :)... Read More

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    Also, something else I want to add - some job listings for NPs say that you must have a BSN AND MSN (Duke Hospital is one of these places that have that in their job qualifications in the listing). Unless if your specialty is midwifery, where having a BSN and work experience as an RN isn't necessarily as important as other specialties, I wouldn't mess around with not having a BSN. It's incredibly important to get that bedside nursing experience before working as an NP, and without the BSN you may really struggle when it is time to find a job... especially in academic hospitals/magnet hospitals.

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    I went to UF for my undergrad and currently taking post-bac classes as a pre-nursing major at FAU. Even though some schools like UF require rec letters and an essay, I do realize how number oriented state schools are so I'm looking more into private/out of state universities. I'm still going to apply to UF since it's my alma mater!
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    I currently attend UF UF nursing is a good in-state choice! I actually didn't apply for many different reasons, one of them being that I just really wanted to go out of state and do something different, but that's probably the best choice for nursing (along with USF) in the state. UM is a good choice as well, but so expensive that you may as well go to a private school out of state! UCF and UNF are the schools that didn't ask for essays, letters of rec or resumes. I'm not sure if FAU did either. I have a ton of information about all sorts of things, so let me know what I can specifically help with!
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    What a coincidence! Go Gators! I have the same thought of wanting to go out of state but it's so expensive. I know UF's program is really good but it's also really hard to get into, especially with my stats. Fingers crossed that I will get it! In Florida, I think I'll be applying to UF, UCF, FAU, Nova, and possibly UNF. Like you said, UM is so expensive/I don't want to live in Miami, I would rather apply out of state. I've been reading the boards and some people say private programs are good if you have low stats because they offer more spots/ have a more holistic view of the applicant. do you think that's true? I don't know if I'm looking at the wrong programs, but private programs seem quite selective with their applicants too...
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    Go Gators!

    Private programs are still incredibly competitive - they are good if you have a high GPA, lots of volunteer work, and so so test scores (some of them don't require test scores at all, like Duke and Hopkins). However, they are definitely holistic so it can be worth a shot depending on the GPA!
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    ....Hope you don't mind if I jump in @ hopeful and miss summer.. I was lurking and decided to give some advice/my experience!
    .. I can vouch for UF's nursing program c/o 2011. It was a tough and rigorous program but most of the professors are fan-tas-tic and quite knowledgeable! The experiences are good and having multiple clinical locations give you a broad prospective of the nursing realm. They really motivated to get involve in research and advance my education. *Already applied to several schools to get my MSN in Family Practice* If you do only apply to one FL school I hope you make it UF. I also think you *misssummer* should check out the ABSN UF 2013 thread in the Florida school section and ask the one's that received acceptance about their experiences with the whole process.

    Oh yea..almost forgot... as usual... GO GATORS!!!
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    Out of curiosity (and if you don't mind sharing), which programs did you apply to? I am re-evaluating whether it is better for me to apply to ABSN programs rather than Direct Entry Master's and I'm finding that the spreadsheet of schools I have are mostly Direct Entry, with the exception of JHU, UPenn, and Emory.
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    Loyola Chicago has ABSN
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    hey vidaUrbana! Thanks for your insight on the program and I'm definitely applying to UF . Do you know how many people they accept for the ABSN program? Some of the past threads say 70 but the most recent thread (2013) says 25. That seems like a really small class!
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    hopeful, just saw your other post in the 2013 thread so you can disregard my post here

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