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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program... Read More

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    You guys are awesome and I really hope we all get in. Add me to the baking crew! It's a great de-stressor. You can definitely expect some chocolate covered strawberries as cupcakes around exam time
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    I just realized that I never sent my FAFSA for 2012-2013 to Penn... only my 2013-2014 one. Oops... I guess it's probably okay though, right?
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    So I've just been reading these message boards as a guest but when you guys started talking about dogs I had to join! I currently live in Philadelphia and applied to Drexel, Jefferson, U Penn, Towson, UMD. Anyway, I saw someone wanted a bichon frise..well I have a cavachon (a cavalier king charles/bichon frise mix). It sometimes can be difficult to have a dog with a busy schedule, but after having a bad day, I can't help but be happy when I come home to such a sweet and happy little face
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    You guys are making me hungry.

    By the way, how is everyone going to keep their minds off of Penn tomorrow??
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    By telling myself that we are all going to know at the same time... Tuesday at 3 pm
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    I work all day, but I doubt I will be able to get it off of my mind!
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    You guys are all so funny! We will be the most awesome group of nursing students/ dog parents ever! I am so down to slowly run and bake/cook vegan and do cleanses and spin and everything else!
    I'm also going to be at work all day so I won't let myself check until I get home. But I guarantee I won't be thinking about anything else lol
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    This was so much fun to read all day. Count me in as another baker, slow runner, spin class person! haha. My hobby of choice is definitely cooking/dinner parties. This sounds like this is a great group for that! I'm also really excited about the what the neighboring Amish communities contribute to the food culture and farmer's markets in Philadelphia. I noticed it when I came out for interview day.
    As far as coping with the wait... don't laugh... I've managed to convince myself that because I got an email on Friday from someone in student financial services telling me I made a mistake on one of my aid forms, that that means they are processing my financial aid application. Last month when I was asking a bunch of financial aid questions, I was told that the financial aid deadline really didn't matter because they only process the paperwork once they have a list of admitted applicants so that they don't waste time... A stretch, I know. But desperate times...
    On that note, please be honest with me. As much as I love this coping strategy, did anyone get asked to correct/resubmit any financial aid paperwork earlier than the past couple of weeks? (which would kill my whole imaginary theory)
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    Who here has been interviewed for the second degree BSN? I never received any info about interviews so I'm a little nervous. Sorry if this has already been addressed.. I'm just trying to prepare myself :-/
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    Feminista, if I were you I would take that as nothing but I good sign! I mean, what else can it mean?? I would be psyched if I were you lol

    As for BSN interviews, I originally applied as BSN/MSN but was told they weren't going to continue with the MSN portion. In that same email (this was in November) I was invited to interview for just BSN. Did you ever try calling?
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    Feminista, that's a good sign. What kind of error was it?
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    They won't give me any information about my financial aid. Was yours about something on the CSS profile?
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    my post keeps on disappearing. ugh. Thanks for supporting my neurosis, guys.
    It wasn't CSS. I was missing a page from my 2012 tax returns. Don't worry. They are being that way with me too. I tried to trap the emailer into giving me more information by asking if she needed it immediately or if next week was alright. All she would say was "this weekend is fine." hahah. fail. oh well.
    By the way, I had weird dreams about houses in Philadelphia thanks to this forum.