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Hi Everyone! This topic thread is for those applying to UPENN BSN/MSN program summer 2013. I hope we can create a support network here! I will be applying to the nurse-midwifery and WHNP program... Read More

  1. by   meep05
    I am in the same boat as you too and I'm applying for fnp as well. I was going to email tomorrow if I don't hear anything.
  2. by   soushii
    @adt913, Yes I did finally get my schedule and just got back from Philly!! Thanks for asking and sorry it took me so long to see your PM...I'm still getting used to the site and it currently won't let me PM!

    @everyone else waiting for emails--they will come! I got mine last minute too after emailing filomena. good luck!!!!
  3. by   ghostbird
    Whew, glad to hear that I am not the only one! Meep05, let me know if she responds! Good luck everyone! I am so happy to see that everybody is so warm and encouraging!
  4. by   cjacobs2
    Quote from atomicgirl

    cjacobs2, I applied to Boston College, USM, Yale, Seattle U, am gonna apply to Rochester as well. How about you? Now we play the waiting game...I wish we could know the very next day haha! I'll PM you my cell # if you wanna chat more.
    @atomicgirl, I applied to Drexel, Thomas Jefferson, Rutgers, NYU, Columbia, and Fairfield. And yes please do! This wait will surely be agonizing.
  5. by   FingersCross'd
    Hi Everyone!

    I just interviewed last Friday, Dec. 7th and I just wanted to say how great it was to meet all of you!!! I had so much fun and hopefully we can all get to know eachother a little more come June! I don't think I can make it an other 8 weeks to find out!!!

    I love this thread- I wish I knew about it before hand!
  6. by   Pizzamyheart
    Hi all! Congrats on everyone who interviewed so far!

    I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with the Fin Aid Supplement form....I'm sure it has been discussed at some point in this forum, but posts get so heavy about interview discussion that I can't seem to easily find them.

    I'm just curious how financial aid works because I'm no longer dependent on my parents, and I currently am working and will be financing grad school on my own. My concern is that the fin aid supplement pretty much only inquires about my parents earnings and finances, and I'm worried that it will affect my chances of getting any grants.

    I know a lot of other applicants are independent as well and in the same boat. What did others do both past and present applicants?
  7. by   hopefulnurse24
    All I know is that you are required to report your parents earnings and information unless if you are going to be 30 by next December. They know it sucks, and they alluded to that, but it is Penn's policy as it is an ivy league school and it does give out need-based aid (the Penn Grant is supposedly really good, I have heard that it can help bring down the cost of the program quite a bit from past posts, but I honestly haven't been able to find information on the exact amount awarded ANYWHERE). There is no way out of it unless if you meet the criteria stated above (sorry if I missed anything, the rest of the information is on the financial aid sheet that they gave us at interviews). I'm not sure how financial aid works with the CSS profile, or how they calculate it, but I do think that if your parents make more than 75,000 then your chances of receiving aid are significantly decreased.

    I'm in a rough situation too, because of the CSS profile... but it actually has to do with a non-custodial parent who I have absolutely no contact with. This means I have to get an impartial third party to write a letter (which is weird... I'm 22 years old, who in the world would I have write a letter for me?). Good luck - the CSS profile is long, tedious, frustrating, and EXPENSIVE (you must pay $25 for it, which I had no idea about).
  8. by   Pizzamyheart
    Thanks for the info Hopeful!! I turned in what I could. I figure, if I'm admitted, I could figure it out then. But I wasn't aware that we were supposed to fill out the CSS profile as well. Was that supposed to be turned in by 12/15 as well??

    Cause I haven't even started that..... :X
  9. by   hopefulnurse24
    I think everything was due today, but they said they will be flexible with you (I'm sure it's fine, especially since the due date was a Saturday). I turned in the Penn supplement, and the CSS profile. I will fax them my family's taxes tomorrow, along with this cover sheet: http://www.sfs.upenn.edu/pdf/2013-14...et-2013-14.pdf
  10. by   meep05
    Do you guys know when we're supposed to find out if we got in or not.. Feb or march?
  11. by   hopefulnurse24
    We were told early February at interview days!
  12. by   meep05
    Did you guys find out at the interview day the percentage of people interviewed and of the people interviewed how many are accepted?
  13. by   FingersCross'd
    Yes, out of the 600ish people who applied, 50-55% get interviewed and around 100-120 are accepted (the class ends up being a bit over 80 people). Scary numbers!!!