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Starting this thread for UCSF's MSN program for 2013. The application period just opened up on July 19th. I'm applying for AGNP program. I was accepted to the 2012 Long Beach State AGNP program... Read More

  1. by   myelin
    It doesn't make sense that the normal entry MSN students would compete with MEPN students for slots, the MEPN student has already been admitted. They've already competed. I don't get it.

    Also, just an fyi, exactly one study has been done comparing RN experience with NP practice and it found that RN experience did not make for a more competent NP, as measured by physicians. So there's that.

    Also, I never once belittled practicing nurses' accomplishments. I think you're reading more into my words than what is there. I think bedside RNs work incredibly hard and I'm very thankful for my nurse preceptors and clinical instructors, trust me. However, at the same time, I think there are other ways to get experience that is relevant to NP practice. I guess you think that by me saying "hey, direct entry programs can produce great NPs" you think I'm belittling RN experience, when really, what I'm saying is that there is more than one way to skin a cat. You might be really surprised by the extensive backgrounds of those of us in the MEPN program. We didn't exactly waltz in off of the street - the application process is rigorous, to say the least. I suggest getting to know the program a bit better before making judgements. And yeah, if you get into UCSF, you will be around MEPNs. They will be your classmates, preceptors, and even faculty (depending on specialty). You might be surprised by how well they do and how well all of us nursing students (MEPN and non-MEPN) work together.

    Good luck with the application process!
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  2. by   jojonavy
    Why are you pitting me against the whole program? I think I have some valid points. I say it's a little belittling, because I keep thinking about the guy who had all those qualifications and didn't get in, and you just brush that off as "oh it's competitive". You know what, it is what it is. We have differing opinions. I do see the validity of your argument. Good luck with the program
  3. by   ayu4
    hello, i'm considering applying for agnp too. does anyone know if this specialty is esp competitive to get into? what kinds of things do they look at that can put me in a better position? i know most who apply for the msn program are experienced and seasoned nurses already so i feel like my chances aren't high. i have a bsn but very little nursing experience, i worked at a long term care facility for a year and am now doing home health nursing. i am interested in furthering my studies and prefer working with the elderly population. i would appreciate any kind of information, looking forward to your inputs.
  4. by   murse89
    Just FYI for other UCSF MSN Fall 2013 hopefuls, I emailed the School of Nursing asking when they expect decisions to be made and they replied back today saying to expect decisions to be made around the end of the month. Two more weeks! Good luck everyone!
  5. by   annedfarley
    Does anyone know what documents we have to have when applying? Do we need a cover letter, references, etc?