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Hi everyone, I'm planning to apply for the 2013 cycle of MEPN at UCSF (application date would be September 1 of this year). I'll be applying for psych/mental health, and it will be my first time applying to this program. I was... Read More

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    posting this for anyone who may be on the PNP waitlist. I just declined my acceptance to UCSF. It nearly killed me to do so as a year ago I would have given any appendage to be part of this incredible program, but after agonizing decision making I've realized that a different school is actually the best fit for me. Good luck to all you 2013 MEPNS (please keep in touch!) and hopefully I was able to make someone's day by opening up a spot!
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    Thank you so much for kindly sharing this information. I am #1 alternate for the PNP specialty, and indeed, you made my day! I'm hoping to officially hear from UCSF soon, and will update this post if/when I do, for the reference of future wait-listers!

    Best of luck to you in your path to becoming a nurse!
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    Seahorse, I hope they notify you asap!
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    Hi smallcarbonfootprint,

    Congrats on your alternate position for the UCSF FNP program. I was recently noted as an alternate for the UCSF FNP 2013 cycle. I was told I am in the top 10 but the school was unable to provide a number and that a decision could be made as late as August 2013. I am looking for some advice about the alternate process; have you heard from UCSF, did they give you a date by which you would be accepted, and how were you notified of your numeric listing on the alternate list. This waiting game is getting stressful..! I would greatly appreciate any help.
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    Just an update for anyone curious. I did not get contacted by UCSF after sarahcee declined her spot for Ped NP. I called them after several days of not hearing and I'm still rather mystified. I remain first on the wait-list, and the Pediatrics department is not taking anyone off the wait-list at this time. Rather disappointing and confusing all around.
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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone thinks it's worth it if I should apply...I have a 3.0 GPA and average 150 GRE scores, 4.5 in writing...did anyone with a really low GPA get accepted?
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    I will be applying for the 2014 MEPN cycle - what were people's revised GRE scores that have been accepted or rejected?
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    I will be applying to the Psych/Mental Health NP program for 2014, and just took the Revised GRE with a 158 Verbal and 150 Quantitative. Was trying to figure out if I should take it again or if these scores would be acceptable. Do you mind telling me what you got? Do you have a sense for average scores?
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    Hey guys! I am also applying to the MEPN program and started a thread for the 2014 applicants here: http://allnurses.com/post-graduate-n...ml#post7459054.
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    I don't know how to pm you, but I do have some questions about the diverse experience. Would trained counseling experience help? I don't intend to be a psych nurse, but it may come I handy. I am also looking at studying genomics and stem cells by getting a certificate to complement my B.A. and MBA degrees.mi have a 3.7 in pre-requisites, low GPA in B.A. And MBA degrees (2.3 or so )
    I suppose experience will be the one that will get me in. Please advise. I'm not a good standardized test taker and expect to get low GRE scores,except for the writing. That will be OK.

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