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Hi everyone, I'm planning to apply for the 2013 cycle of MEPN at UCSF (application date would be September 1 of this year). I'll be applying for psych/mental health, and it will be my first time applying to this program. I was... Read More

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    Thank you chaparrita...I called, and the woman who takes RSVP didn't answer. Another guy did. He said it was fine to just show up, but I'm paranoid it looks bad that I didn't RSVP. Plus, I have almost an hour drive(which I don't mind if I feel like I should be there congrats on getting in!! Do you mind if I ask what your background is in; prior degree, GPA, GRE score, volunteer experience? I'd love to connect with some future 2014 hopefuls too, but I don't think a thread has been started for that yet? Thanks again!

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    Quote from kp32
    Hi Sarahcee,
    I saw that you are online, and thought you might have some info about the informational sessions at UCSF. Im a future hopeful, but just learned about the informational session today. Do you think it's a bad thing to RSVP on the same day? Thank you!
    Hi kp32! So sorry I didn't see your message earlier. Honestly, I think you'd be fine to just show up at the one tonight, however there really isn't a huge rush so you wouldn't be at a disadvantage to wait until next month's info session. If there is anything I can help you with directly or answer for you, feel free to PM me.
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    For those of you guys who want to get more MEPNs to join your facebook group, email SJ (don't want to say his name on here because it's against TOS I guess) and ask him to email the group link to the admitted students. That's what we did last year, since it seemed like only a minority of us were on allnurses.
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    Great suggestion myelin! I'll ask the group creator to do this.
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    Hi, I was just accepted to the UCSF doctoral studies program. I live in San Jose & would love some advice/information about the logistics of commuting to UCSF from the South Bay. I was trying to figure out the parking permit system. Looks like you need PhD to understand it;-). Seriously, there is a full page list of different types of permits. My only take away was that parking could cost over $1000 per year!

    Can anyone here know a thing about student Parking?

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    Thanks very much for your kind comments, Samdaman, Sarahcee, and Feminista-siempre I'm #2 alternate for the FNP, do you think I should wait to get admitted before joining the FB group? It's a little strange because I'm hoping to get in and trying to be optimistic, but have been reluctant to be an active participant in the group, either, since I'm not really in, too. Still, I'd hate to get in and have missed the chance to hear the good conversations going on. Any thoughts? Thank you
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    Just join the group just in case...doesn't hurt.
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    Good point- let me go back on the threads and see how to do that. Thanks for your comments Samdaman
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    just PM your e-mail address and I'll invite you.
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    Hello! I was a lurker on this thread because I am planning to apply for UCSF next year. Would it be possible for the accepted applicants to post up theirs stats? (GRE, GPA, EC) It would be much appreciated!

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