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Hi! Anyone else out there apply for the 2013 Georgia Health Science University's CNL MSN program? I just submitted my application for the early decision Nov 1 deadline. Let's chat!... Read More

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    Quote from Britmum
    Friday December 7th in the morning. The email said there is an information session first. Is yours the same day?
    Yep. 9am.

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    I will be interviewing at 9:00 too!

    Catsrule, which campus are you at, and how do you like it? Also, what is a normal week like you for?
    Thank you in advance for your help!
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    Hey Kelly!
    Yes I applied to the program and have an interview scheduled for Dec. 7th in Athens! Have you heard back from them about an interview? I'm excited!!
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    Hello Catsrule22!
    Can you tell me what your normal week is like? Is the program rigidly from 9-5 M-F? or do some days you get out earlier? I'm trying to figure out if I can do this program with a 1 year old, and him not have separation anxiety. What is the work load like? HW? projects? and studying? Thanks so much!!
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    In the beginning the program is very much a rigid 9-4pm; but we had Monday's and Friday's free to do online work and to come in for extra practice in the lab. Many people in the program have very young children and are able to handle the workload, although I am sure it's a challenge! It depends on what your background is, if you majored in science in undergrad you'll have an easier time with the workload. If not, you might have to study a little more or refresh on some basic concepts but you should be just fine. It's really the amount of work we have to do more so than the rigor of the material.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Laelrush! I haven't gotten information about an interview yet, but I'm hoping it's because I live out of the country and not because I'm not qualified for the early decision! Does anyone know when they will let people know about early decision admissions (i.e. if we didn't make the cut and are put back in the general admission pool is there a specific date)?
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    Hi everyone,

    I am wondering if anyone will be applying for the regular decision Feb 1 deadline? If there are any current students out there can you please tell me about what you think are important aspects of the application and anything about the interview process, and about the program in general. I had the opportunity to visit Athens ( I have never been to Augusta) over the summer and talk to someone who worked in admissions and it seems like a great program. Also, what is it like living in Athens or Augusta? If I get accepted moving to the Southeast would be a complete change for me ( I am from the Southwest)! Is anyone else from out-of-state applying?
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    Does anyone know if the interviews are individual or group?
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    I'm thinking they are individual. I think the orientation is small groups and then they interview you one at a time. Starting to get nervous now!!!!!
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    Quote from Britmum
    I'm thinking they are individual. I think the orientation is small groups and then they interview you one at a time. Starting to get nervous now!!!!!
    Omg the nerves.

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