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Do you have to wear hospital provided scrubs? And if not can you wear whatever or do you have a specific color combo thats required? I realize it's different at every hospital, just curious. :) ... Read More

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    In our unit there are those who wear hospital issued scrubs and those who wear their own. I have a problem with hospital issued scrubs... anyone can go to their manager and say they need them and they'll have access. So everyone from nursing assistants to housekeeping to RTs, nurses and physicians are walking around in them, and not just in the critical care areas. How do you know who's who? I wear my own. I have a closet full of patterned tops with Marvin the Martian, Winnie the Pooh, the Flintstones, Mickey Mouse, cows jumping over moons, hearts, flowers, butterflies and some solid colours too. My kids love it that they can always buy Mom a new scrub top for a gift and know I'll be thrilled.

    Yeah, we've got snow here. Lots of it and more on the way. It's been a lot colder but right now it's -12C (+10F) out on my patio right now out of the sun, with a forecast low of -19C (-2F) for tonight. At least we're not as bad as Oswego, NY... they've got 8 1/2 FEET on the ground right now with more coming. And we're not as bad as Winnipeg, where it's -18C (0F) right now and going down to -26C (-15F) overnight... and they're rejoicing! It's been a lot colder, like -40C (-40F) there lately. Can't say I miss it!!
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    Oh my. I'm at work right now (LOVE the weekends when there's no "grownups" around to get mad at us for going on the internet) and my patient's sister just looked out of the window to see why I was laughing so hard. Well done, Jan.
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    Our Hospital still provides scrubs to several departmants other than surgery....I like it. I work in the PICU and we all wear hospital scrubs.
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    Our PICU colors were blood-red and white.... actually looked better than they sound...

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