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Wish me luck!

  1. 0 Well, I've taken the plunge back into the PICU full time! Wish me luck! I started out in the PICU as a new grad and stayed for 9 years, then it began to get to me- the "non accidental traumas", the near drowns, the half baked suicide attempts, and just the everyday saddness that we face in this specialty. So I've spent the last 3 years in the NICU and truly find it rewarding, but I have found myself really missing the PICU and it's challenges. SO........I'm jumping back in! I'm really excited to have found this forum! Seems like a great place to learn from each other or just vent to people who really understand. You might be seeing a lot of me soon
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    Let me be the first to welcome you back to my world!! I know you'll find it hard at times because the things that made you leave before have not gone away. But you might have a new appreciation for all the great things we can do now and all the advances that we've made in the 3 years you've been away. This forum is a great place to come and refresh, recharge and to learn. We're looking forward to your participation. Come on over whenever you want to.
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    Thanks Janfrn!! You seem to be a wealth of knowledge.... I may be calling upon you sometime soon!
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    You know where to find me... out in my garden. We can have lemonade and watch the butterflies and bees check out my flowers. Does the soul good.