Quick question about cardioversion

  1. I was just curious if any of you have ever seen cardioversion done on an infant (around 7 months) and if so, can you tell me how much and what kind of sedation is used?

    This was done on this past week's episode of "Hopkins" and they briefly mentioned sedation but I'm curious how much is given (the baby was awake and crying but must have been given something).

    Thank you so much! I know nothing about nursing and small people except that it is too hard and I have nothing but respect for you hardworking PICU nurses!!!
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I work in a primarily cardiovascular PICU and we do cardioversion on kids of all ages and sizes. The dose of current is 0.5 joules per kg. and for sedation, if they're not already well sedated on infusions of morphine and midazolam, we'll use fentanyl, 1-2 mcg per kg per dose.