Problems with PICU nurses - page 2

Have any of you PICU nurses heard that in order to deal with the stressors of PICU that lots of nurses turn to drugs, alcohol, or sexual addictions? I have heard this from a nurse manager of a PICU.... Read More

  1. by   AliRae
    Yeah, it's been said already, but I'd be very wary of that unit and its manager. Anyone who would spread falsehood like that just isn't someone I'd be excited to work for.

    While we've been known to go out together for a drink when the going gets rough (all the bars in town made a KILLING while we were on strike last summer!) I'd be willing to bet that it's a healthy way to cope. =)
  2. by   Clg03280
    In 13 years I've never seen that problem. Does your manager have a problem? Most people just leave the unit for something less stressful. More often I find people loving PICU and never leaving.
  3. by   8great
    I was a PICU nurse for 12 years, only knew of one drug problem, now in the ED, there have been several over the past 3 years......I would have to wonder about that manager though......
  4. by   SwinkerDoodleRN
    :trout: I dont know why anyone would say these things.
  5. by   CRDBear
    When I was doing adult heme/onc, I worked with a few nurses who had the above problems. Some of them were placed on our unit after going thru counseling, ect for their "problems" because part of the therapy was to be placed on a lower stress not critical care. So...they put them on a heme/onc floor. With patients who are dying of cancer. Who receive major doses of narcotics. (For awhile they didn't have pyxis access so the other nurses had to give their narcs!) To me, it would seem that working in nursing in general is stressful and if you can't handle it without resorting to drugs, alcohol or the like...FIND ANOTHER JOB!!!
  6. by   indypicu
    I have been a nurse for 23 years and cannot believe our issues are any worse in any of these areas that any other career. My dad was in sales and was always entertaining for business, he and my mother would talk about the same issues you have raised for either the other company employees or the costumers. I also hear my husband, who works for a small company talk about who has hooked up, who sneaks whatever substance during the day. I think the difference is that in our field we frequently deal with such difficult things and have learned to share probably too much too easily...any thoughts.
  7. by   AdvTechSondra
    I've been a PICU nurse for a little more than 11 yrs and like others have seen one or two 'addicts' also with other issues. I feel that on the whole most 'good' PICU nurses are a little OCD, Perfectionist and pay close attention to detail...these characteristics make us who we are, and allow us to do the job we've chosen and to love it (most days). I think working in PICU exposes you to an enormous amount of stress and brings all your fears to the forefront concerning your children and family, and not learning a healthy way to deal with those issues can lead to your demise both professionally and personally. So, for me at least the key has been to do some 'self assesment' and give myself permission to grieve, rest and think about anything but work.
    That manager is obviously speaking out of her own fear.... if PICU is where you want to be, go for it!!