Is PICU I good career choice for me?

  1. Hello. I am only a pre-nursing student right now, but I want to see what all there is out there. I would really like to be in Peds. So I am just wondering if you guys can give me some insight into what all you do. Pros and cons would be nice too. I'm just interested in my options. Thanks! =]
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Read some of the threads on this forum to get a feel for what we do, the challenges we face and how we feel about our choice. You'll learn a lot and probably come up with more specific questions. Then come on back. We're all pretty passionate about what we do, but it truly isn't for everyone. You know yourself best and what you read should help you determine if you're one of "us" or not.
  4. by   Smiler3
    Hey i'm an english nurse and I have only been trained in Childrens first ever job out of training is PICU. IT was a very big jump from training to being a nurse...
    the parts I enjoy...
    Looking after the sick children we do, knowing that we are doing the best we can for them and out care can save their life.
    the fab team of nurses, dr's and other professionals around me.

    The bad bits....
    When a child dies all be it from either from natural causes, withdrawal of treatmen or in the sad case's child abuse......this is never easy but some find it heared than any other death.

    I'm sure there are lots lots more but these are my main ones at the moment.

    Hope this helps and feel free to ask me any questions, i'll try and answer x