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For once I'm posting an obscure question from the coast of West Africa. Today, I just need a hug. I was in charge, and one of our feeding program babies (not the one I posted about earlier with the high alk-phos - this is the... Read More

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    Ali, the last baby I helped into Heaven was very similar to this youngster, although he was a SIDS and was never really "alive" in my care. His parents needed some time to process things and then when they were ready, they were ready right then. He was held mostly by Dad and slipped away gently. It's never easy but those ones are not as bad as the others, know what I mean? You were a comfort to those parents and they may not know your name but they will always remember you.

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    Huge hugs from Florida. My God... This is where my heart is to work. I just hope I am strong enough. (like you)
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    A thousand hugs from North Carolina!! Hate it when we have days like you've just described.
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    You will be in my prayers.
    It sounds like you are sorely needed where you are.

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