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  1. I will be graduating with my BSN in the spring. I desperately want to work in pediatrics. I very much would like to work in picu or a step down unit. I was hoping some of you could give me suggestions on how to increase my chances of getting hired in a new grad pedi position. I am willing to start out anywhere in pedi if I get the opportunity! I am currently doing my clinical rotations for pedi. Any suggestions of volunteer work, organizations, etc? Anything will be helpful! I currently have a year and a half as a tech on a step down/tele floor. I also volunteer several times a month to work as a student nurse in a clinic but both of these are for adults.
    Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   imaginations
    Can you volunteer at a paediatric or children's based organisation to show an ongoing interest in that area?

    I don't know what sorts of opportunities are available where you live but perhaps look into paediatric hospices, respite centres or schools for children with disabilities, the volunteer program at your local paediatric hospital, organisations that run camps for children with particular health problems (e.g. the two children's hospices in my state run a camp once per year for children who've had brain injuries, we have a national organisation that runs regular camps for children with cancer and other organisations are taking off running camps for kids with everything from heart disease to intellectual disabilities)...

    Those are just a few I guess.

    I'm a new grad this year (in Australia). Through my degree I worked at a paediatric hospice for a year, a rehab/respite hospital for children with severe mental and physical disabilities for two years and these put me in a good position to gain an undergraduate nurse position at one of the major children's hospitals the year before I graduated. I also volunteered on a regular basis at a school for children with severe disabilities (I still do). I think these things, in combination with a strong commitment to my academic work and involvement in university and nursing related extracurricular activities (eg. I'm a member of the national nursing association's faculty for early career nurses) put me in a good position to be offered a new grad job in a tertiary paediatric hospital. We spend six months in two departments at new grads and I'm about to go to the PICU for my second rotation.

  4. by   umcRN
    Start looking for jobs early, December/January, this is when a lot of places start putting up their new grad positions. Keep relocating open as a possibility if able. Most major children's hospitals have new grad programs but they fill up soon. I applied december, interviewed & was hired in january, graduated in may, took nclex in june and started working in august. I did relocate for this position. Apply to as many places as possible as well, and those that do not start hiring in dec/january, keep them on a list so then their positions open you can be first to apply.