Changing Specialties

  1. I'm presently a RN on an adult PCU. I commonly see Post op CABGs ( after extubation), vasoactive drips, stable home vented patients and all the other things that come with being on a stepdown unit.

    However, my fiancé and I are moving and I'm seriously considering going into pediatrics. I went to nursing school thinking I wanted to do peds. However, after graduation I didn't feel like that was my calling. I'm now at the point where I realize I don't love my job anymore. I want a change.

    I want to do NICU ( 1st) or PICU. I'm looking into the transition to pediatric nursing program at Children's Medical Center in Omaha. Anyone have any advice? Has anybody made the switch? If so how was it.
    Even if I get a peds job I still plan on working prn on an adult pcu unit in order to keep skills current.
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