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Best book for cardiac defects??

  1. 0 In the PICU I work in we have a cardiac program that certain nurses go through and then they are the ones to take care of the fresh post op and certain pre op cardiac kiddos... I have accepted one of these positions and am super excited to start (although orientation probably won't be for another 3 months d/t upgrading our computer charting...) Until then I wanted to get a good reference book, and was wondering what book you all love specifically for cardiac defects?? I have the AACN book Core Curriculum for Pediatric Critical Care Nursing but it doesn't have a lot of cardiac stuff...
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    this book is great: Illustrated Field Guide to Congenital Heart Disease and Repair (9780979625251): Allen D. Everett, D. Scott, M.D. Lim, Marcia L. Buck, Jasper Burns, Paul Burns: Books

    all the new grads in my unit get it, great color pictures, talks about defects, surgeries & common rhythm issues, Most nurses in my cardiac ICU keep their copy in their bag and use it pretty frequently.

    **you may want to search around for it though...I have no idea why the one on amazon is listed at $125, it's definitely not that much!
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