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Has anyone had any trouble with these pumps. We keep having Channel Error and air in line problems. Just shutting down for no reason with inotropes or dialysis causing swings in blood pressure. The pumps just shut down and are... Read More

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    One thing we have noticed with these pumps is that they can tidal a babies blood pressure. We are sure that given constancy in most other things, this tidaling is pump related. We place our inotropes exclusively on the syringe pumps and keep all the syringe pumps separate from non syringe pumps to avoid this tidaling effect. Given the screw mechanism is supposed to be constant and non pulsatile, we find the syringe pump modules pulsatile as well. There has to be a better way. Or pump out there.

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    Interesting. We switched to Alaris pumps some time ago (a year? Two? I don't remember for sure, time goes too quickly) and haven't seen any issues. I wonder if this has been corrected.

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