Philippine Paramedical and Technical School or Online nursing school

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    I am retired at 38 from the US military and I am thinking of attending a online nursing school in the Philippine's for the RN program. I am from California and I am aware of the issues with concurrency from the California BON. I have a B.S degree from Long Beach State. I don't want to sit in a classroom for another 2 years. I know from other posts that Cal State Fresno offers a 3 month course to address the concurrency issues for Med Surgery..etc. I don't plan to work in California. I plan to work in Hawaii. I was looking at New England College in the Phillipines also but they have not responded to my emails.

    Has anyone heard of Philippine Paramedical and Technical School?

    Anyone graduated from this school for the RN?

    What was the costs?

    Can anyone recommend another school?

    What was the total amount of actually physical time in the school?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Recent info on PP and TS, stay away from them: read the link:

    You need to find out if the Hawaii BON accepts on-line nursing programs, CA does not, but you're not planning to work in CA.

    Simply ask for solid documented proof of whatever school fits your needs and give you a few successful students who have passed the NCLEX-RN and possibly working. Ask to talk to these successful students, make sure you're not talking to a school staffer or employee.

    Latest news about CSU-Fresno as of today's date, they may not offer the deficiencies courses until 2014, citing budget cutbacks and inadequate staffing and clinicals issues.

    I don't know of any approved PH "on-line" courses at this time that meets the HI BON requirements, you will need to do your internal and hard research to your own satisfaction. Good luck!