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I am considering attending an LPN program but I do not know whereto start. Most community colleges in my city of Phila,Pa doesn't offer it and the reviews from these tech schools are horrible and... Read More

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    Ensure the program you attend is an accredited school (ACEN) as well as having above average NCLEX pass rates. If you want to continue on a nursing career path, you'll want to attend a school that is an investment in your future. Be willing to travel a few extra miles outside the city limits and attend an open house at the Chester County Intermediate Unit Practical Nursing Program in Downingtown.

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    [QUOTE=Philly_LPN_Girl;7113956]Girl I did a review on Lincoln Tech LPN program in center city go search for it ughhhh and Ive heard that Eastern Center for Arts & Technology and Delaware County Technical School

    i have an interview for eastern lpn program! Did anyone get accepted? What is the interview like?
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    Do yourself a favor and go strict for your RN. You'll appreciate it later!
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