West Chester Advanced BSN program

  1. I just got an email to make an appointment for the interview. Does anyone know what kind of questions they may ask? I'm so nervous about this! Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   BSNhopeful88
    From what I've read on past threads the group-format style involves everyone being questioned in a row, with the standard why nursing, why west Chester fare. Congrats on getting everything in before their contrived October 16th deadline, haha. And good luck in that interview!
  4. by   masha12
    I also got interview invitation. I scheduled it for December 7th, and I am freaking out! Hope everything will go smooth and we'll get accepted. I think questions going to be the same as in an individual interview, nothing special. It's a nice opportunity to meet some of your potential classmates though.
  5. by   BSNhopeful88
    Bumping up...to those who were interviewed, how was the whole process? Were there any oddball questions or just the usual ones? Good luck to everyone who interviewed so far, I know west Chester is tough!
  6. by   mcmanule
    The questions they asked in my interview were the same questions the have asked in the past. There were no oddball questions, everything was pretty straight forward. Good Luck!
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  7. by   BSNhopeful88
    Thank you so much, I appreciate the heads up! Im crossing my fingers this goes well. This whole admissions process is exhausting. Best of luck to you too, I hope we'll be getting in!
  8. by   BSNhopeful88
    Has anyone heard back? They said they'd email by today but I haven't heard yet
  9. by   masha12
    me neither. checking email every half an hour
  10. by   mcmanule
    Yeah I have not heard back either, I have been checking my email constantly!
  11. by   masha12
    I just got the acceptance email. I thought it will make my day... until I turned on the news. Nothing is more joyful than hugging my son today...
  12. by   ohsovery.an
    I just got my acceptance email today, too. Indeed, it was a bittersweet celebration with the tragedy that happened today.
  13. by   BSNhopeful88
    Congratulations all, I'll be seeing you in may .
  14. by   kweinb
    I got my acceptance email on 12/14!