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I just got an email to make an appointment for the interview. Does anyone know what kind of questions they may ask? I'm so nervous about this! Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!... Read More

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    Hi masha, I do not know about summer aid but my friend who also applied for it said she hasn't heard anything yet. I'm sorry I can't help more, I hope they get back to you soon!
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    Hi everyone!
    I'm applying for Cohort 10 for the Advanced BSN program at WCU. I am taking chemistry and sociology in the fall and then I have all my prereqs completed. Did any of you complete your prereqs in the fall and still get into the program? The website says applicants with everything completed have higher chances... but I'm really hoping to get in. Was anyone else in this situation?
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    Hi! I was taking psychology in the fall after I applied, and got into the program. It did appear on my transcript as "in progress" though. And I also brought a printout of my midterm grades to the interview which was in november or december.
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    First post for me!
    I also have applied for Cohort 10. I am completing Micro this fall, and was worried about not having all pre-reqs completed prior to applying. After a discussion with someone in the department, it seems that if you have a history of success with your other courses, you will be judged accordingly when it comes to not having classes completed.

    Has anyone heard back from WCU yet in terms of interviews? I submitted my information on the first day possible, and haven't heard anything yet. It seems as if the process stalls a bit in the transcript review process, which is to be completed by the undergraduate transfer department.
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    Hi futurenrse21,
    I applied to the Cohort 10 as well. I submitted my application about a week or so after the application opened, and I haven't heard anything yet regarding an interview. From what I understand, they receive a massive number of applications, so I'm sure it just takes time for first the admissions office and next the nursing department to sort through everything.
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    hanks for the reply! No news yet on my end...but its nice to see someone else is in the same boat. Hopefully other will see this post and join in during the process. Good luck everyone. I will update if I get any news.
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    Hi everyone! I applied back in September for Cohort 10 and I too have not heard anything about scheduling an interview. It is nice to know that I am not the only one- hopefully we will hear soon!
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    Any news for anyone yet? I am starting to think that interviews wont occur until the admissions period ends.
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    I emailed the program coordinator to ask about the interview timeline, because I was asked to accept/reject admission into Villanova's accelerated 2nd degree BSN by the end of November. It's a pretty hefty deposit, so I didn't want to put that down before knowing anything about WCU. He replied that I should probably be invited for an interview and they would hopefully let me know a decision by that date.
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    has anyone gotten a call for an interview yet? I wonder how many days after the interview until they give you an acceptance or not. I really want to go to WCUPA, its unbeatable for the price!
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    Hi InProgres,
    I received an email about two weeks ago to schedule an interview and received an acceptance today in my email. I believe they sent out a first round of interviews then and I believe they were sending out more-hopefully you will hear soon! Good luck!
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    News here as well. Had an interview and received an acceptance letter within one week. Very excited! I got the same impression from them as lcs did. They will likely be completing more interviews as the session goes. Stay positive!
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    Still waiting to hear, fingers crossed, the website says I'll know by tomorrow!! I hope they'll let us know either way!