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I just got an email to make an appointment for the interview. Does anyone know what kind of questions they may ask? I'm so nervous about this! Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   masha12
    Hey, guys! Those who are taking Pathophysiology, is it a really hard course? how is it going for u? I couldn't take it this semester and really scared that I screwed myself for the summer by not taking it now. I also got an acceptance email from Jefferson's FACT, and started to doubt my decision to attend WCU. What do you guys think? Is it really stupid to choose WCU over Jefferson considering that I live closer to Jefferson. I would appreciate some words of encouragement...
  2. by   biopsychmajor
    I don't think it is hard per se, except in the sense that it is alot of information for one semester! I'm in the WCU program now and I live in Philadelphia. I chose WCU over everyone else because I will be able to afford it, along with tuition assistance from work, out of pocket. I don't regret that at all. When I graduate, I'm going to have to pay back the loans from the first bachelor's degree. So, this works for me.
  3. by   masha12
    Yeh, $$ difference is huge - $15k. Besides, schedule at WCU is much better. But FACT is much faster - only 12 months. It will allow me to become a RN in one (!) year, but chances that I will screw my GPA in Jefferson are much higher as well (with such an intensive schedule).
  4. by   BSNhopeful88
    Personally I'm going to west Chester because the schedule allows me to support myself while in school but still have time to prepare to be a nurse. It is cheaper to live in Philly but I think you'd spend less overall going to west Chester. I wish you luck in whichever you choose!
  5. by   masha12
    Hey, guys! Did anybody receive instructions on how to register for the summer classes? They said the instructions would be send out some time in march. Do we have to come in person to register or we can register online? I'm visiting my family and out of country right now and won't be back till may 16th. So, I am a bit worried that I will have problems with registration.
  6. by   BSNhopeful88
    I haven't received any communication to register for classes yet, which is frustrating since all my FAFSA qualifications an loan deferment depends on me being registered for classes. I'm sure the process will be mostly online, and I'm hoping we will receive a letter with all the information in the next week or so.
  7. by   masha12
    I would appreciate if you post when the letter comes and describe in general the process of registration since I don't have access to my mail. Thank you!!!
  8. by   BSNhopeful88
    Hey masha12, I received the letter yesterday, it has a contract we need to sign and return by April 15, and a slightly more detailed registration process. If you haven't taken nsg310, pathophysiology, you need to complete a non degree application through wcu's registrar for 2013 first 5-week summer session. If you have questions it says to contact the registrars office at 610-436-1026. If you have taken patho the nursing secretary will sign you up automatically. Otherwise one you've signed up for the summer session you need to contact the secretary Linda morrow at 610-430-4181 and ask to be signed up for the summer classes. Hope this helped!
  9. by   masha12
    Thank you! It helps a lot!
  10. by   masha12
    Just to make sure...I did not take patho. So, I need to sign the contract, send it, fill up non-degree student online application on registrar's page and call the lady afterwards. Did I get it?
  11. by   BSNhopeful88
    Yup! Enroll as a nondregee summer/winter for the summer session and ask the nursing secretary to sign you up for the classes. See you in may!
  12. by   masha12
    Did anybody receive financial aid for summer? I applied for fall and spring (2013-2014) in march, and I received award notice via email in early April. But I applied for summer (2012-2013) in early January and no aid yet.
    BSNhopeful88, you mentioned that aid depends on your registration for classes. I just registered for them today. May be this is the reason I didn't get the aid for the summer? But I wasn't registered for the fall either and still got the aid in less than a month after applying...totally confused...please answer!
  13. by   masha12
    If somebody else having the same issue: they have supplemental summer aid application on wcupa website. There was not a single word about it in our acceptance package....