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I just got an email to make an appointment for the interview. Does anyone know what kind of questions they may ask? I'm so nervous about this! Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!... Read More

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    Did anybody receive transfer credit evaluation list? In my acceptance package, it says that we should have received it before the deposit was due...

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    I never got a evaluation, or anything after te initial acceptance letter with the information on financial aid. I had thought they'd be sending something this month?
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    I also was accepted by email. The acceptance letter never came so they are resending it. I did let the coordinator of the nursing program know but I don't want to wait just in case it doesn't come again. Does anyone know the amount of the deposit we need to secure our place and who to send it to? Is anyone registered for NSG 310 for the Spring semester?
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    I didn't receive anything either. I was told during the interview that I needed Psych 101. We have emailed back and forth so I think everything is OK.
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    The deposit was $200, and I have signed up for nsg 310 which starts this coming Tuesday. I do wish they would give us more information about what we will be doing in the summer though...
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    It tells you a little bit in the Information and Application guide. I will see you on Tuesday.
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    Hey, guys! Those who are taking Pathophysiology, is it a really hard course? how is it going for u? I couldn't take it this semester and really scared that I screwed myself for the summer by not taking it now. I also got an acceptance email from Jefferson's FACT, and started to doubt my decision to attend WCU. What do you guys think? Is it really stupid to choose WCU over Jefferson considering that I live closer to Jefferson. I would appreciate some words of encouragement...
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    I don't think it is hard per se, except in the sense that it is alot of information for one semester! I'm in the WCU program now and I live in Philadelphia. I chose WCU over everyone else because I will be able to afford it, along with tuition assistance from work, out of pocket. I don't regret that at all. When I graduate, I'm going to have to pay back the loans from the first bachelor's degree. So, this works for me.
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    Yeh, $$ difference is huge - $15k. Besides, schedule at WCU is much better. But FACT is much faster - only 12 months. It will allow me to become a RN in one (!) year, but chances that I will screw my GPA in Jefferson are much higher as well (with such an intensive schedule).
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    Personally I'm going to west Chester because the schedule allows me to support myself while in school but still have time to prepare to be a nurse. It is cheaper to live in Philly but I think you'd spend less overall going to west Chester. I wish you luck in whichever you choose!

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