Waynesburg 2nd degree nursing program

  1. Hey,

    I just found out that I was accepted into Waynesburg 2nd degree nursing program. Is there anyone out there that has been accepted for the May 2013 class too? As well, if anyone is in the program or recent graduates, please leave a comment about the program. The information on their website is limited and I have many questions about the program.

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  3. by   scharle
    Hi jboy1029, Congrats on your acceptance. I got accepted as well. I'm from out of state. Are you from the area?
  4. by   jboy1029

    Thanks, you too. I am not from the area...I live in NY and know nothing of the area. Where are you from? BTW my name is Jack.
  5. by   TC3200
    Heads up for you people from out of state: Are you folks planning to live in the dorms or "other" university housing? If not, you need to be hunting a place to live, pronto.

    The Marcellus shale gas business has taken up all of the rental housing in the Washington area and was moving into former student housing in the Waynesburg area as of last year. Landlords can rent to shale guys for much more money than they can get from students, so students are getting booted out.

    Most rentals will be apartments that are carved out of old houses, unless you want to look more toward Morgantown or perhaps at apartments in Washington. I do know that rental houses started at $1200/mo plus utilities for small shabby houses in Washington area on Fall 2010. Nice new townhouses with 2-3 BR are $2000/mo + utilities (or more) and they want tenants to have a gross income at least 3x the monthly rent. Landlords are also not accepting pets, because they have plenty of tenants and they can just say no to pets now.

    I was at Washington PA Hospital SoN but one of the major reasons I wound up hating it was that I had to rent a room there instead get a house or townhouse. I am a mature adult who sold a home and I have pets, vehicles, and furniture. A rental room was not what I needed. But I was stuck with that due to the lack of safe and available housing.

    I don't have any contacts there, and I am no longer in WashPA. My advice, if you want off-campus housing, is to start contacting realtors now.
  6. by   jboy1029
    Thank you for the advice
  7. by   mtngal77
    I just found out about this school and was confused by their admission and application dates. No deadlines mentioned. I'm assuming I've already missed the deadline for the Second Degree BSN program that will start May 2013?
  8. by   jboy1029
    Yeah, you missed the deadline. I believe it was July 1st
  9. by   elle409
    Hi jboy1029!

    I too will be attending Waynesburg University in the 2nd degree program for May 2013. The website is extremely limited with information. I haven't received any information other than an acceptance letter. Have you had any of your questions answered about the program? I would love to know any additional information! I feel like I only know what it says on the website.

  10. by   jboy1029
    They really didn't tell me anything once I was accepted. I actually decided to withdraw my seat from the program b/c I was accepted into a school closer to home. Good luck
  11. by   Nmc6485

    I got accepted for the may program at waynesburg as well. I'd love to talk to people that are starting too!