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Hey Everyone! I'm planning on applying for the BSN Express program at Villanova University starting in May of 2018! Is there anyone else applying? I have heard a ton of good things about the... Read More

  1. by   Dedancer454
    Did everyone who was accepted have an interview?
  2. by   aykaykayk
    @Dedancer454 It seems like most/all of the people did. The person who did my interview said it's a pretty integral part of the process to get a feel for the applicant since there's no LORs. But from my understanding, they're still sending out interview invites, so good luck!
  3. by   Dedancer454
    Thank you- I submitted only my documents but I havent gotten an invite for an interview. I have a 3.4 GPA and I am currently taking micro and a and p 1. I still need to take A and P 2, pathophysiology, and a theology course so i am a bit discouraged but i will have to wait and see!
  4. by   jj9500
    I already accepted the offer. I went to Villanova today to make sure I don't have any outstanding things I need to do. Kristin told me that that they will send out another letter in Dec with a tentative schedule of the program.

    I asked about apartments as well. She said there will be no on campus dorms. But they do connect the BSNExpress students who are looking for roommates
  5. by   MeghanO14
    Hey everybody! I applied to the May 2018 cohort as well in August, had my interview late September, and was told my application would be reviewed when the committee met on October 20th. My application still says under review.. Has anyone else been told they were being reviewed on the 20th still waiting to hear back as well? Really hoping I get in! Applied to DeSales 15 month, Eastern U's 2 year, and Jefferson's FACT-2 year, but really hoping for Villanova! Congrats to those who have been accepted
  6. by   mcnurse2018
    I heard back about my acceptance on Thursday! Very excited to get started. Is anyone planning to take the online Pathophysiology course this spring?
  7. by   MeghanO14
    I heard back on Thursday as well!!!! SOOO excited!!! I plan on taking pathophysiology online! I spoke with some of the current BSNExpress students at the open house and they all said they took it online with Dr. Capriotti and were raving about her teaching methods! They loved her and said she made the class super cut and dry 😎
  8. by   Dedancer454
    Is there anyone who had an interview who didn't get accepted. Looking at past threads it seemed like most people who interview get into the program. Does anyone know if that is true?
  9. by   Dedancer454
    When you guys interviewed, where you able to see the notes the interviewer said about you? I thought it was a little strange, but when I checked on my application after being interviewed it had about a paragraph of what my interviewer and I talked about.
  10. by   jj9500
    @Dedancer454 that is interesting, I did not see the notes the interviewer wrote during the interview. I checked my application and I do not see them there either
  11. by   MeghanO14
    Did anyone find a cheap, online and at your pace college to take their theology pre-req at? I called VU and they suggested St. Joseph's in Maine but it's $300/credit and I def want something cheaper.
  12. by   Dedancer454
    Does anyone know when the admissions committee will meet next?
  13. by   materosm
    Hi Everyone!

    I was accepted in August and am excited to get started! See you all in May!

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