Villanova BSN Express

  1. Hi,

    Is there anyone who is applying for admission for May 2009? Is anyone currently attending the program?
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  3. by   Ang99
    Hi! I have applied to the Villanova BSNexpress program. I can't wait to hear back! When did you apply? What was your GPA if you don't mind me asking? I'm just so nervous about getting in...
  4. by   Jolie
    Please forgive my snarky comment. I know you are enthusiastic about school, and I sincerely wish you well.

    But what kind of name is BSN Express? It sounds like something you would pick up in the drive-thru lane of McDonald's, not a professional degree.

    I hate it when nursing programs use cutesy titles.
  5. by   BusyBryRN2B
    Hi Ang99,

    I just recently applied this month. I have 2 GPA's my BA is 3.5, and my prerequisites GPA is 3.6. Were you contacted at all by the school via letter, email or anything pertaining to an interview?
  6. by   Ang99
    I applied I believe in late march and I was contacted by email for an interview about 3 weeks later. I know the time for them to make a decision is quickly approaching, so I can't stop thinking about it! lol I just graduated in May from Temple University and VU is my first we shall see what happens. )
  7. by   BusyBryRN2B
    I just got contacted for an interview. How did yours go? what kind of questions did they ask? Did you see the new nursing building? I cant find many opinions on the school but I like what I saw online. Did you get a gut feeling of good or bad after you left the interview. Its my second choice at this point I just want an acceptance letter from someone to ease my nerves. What was your GPA? Did you finish all the prereq's? Its a nice campus I did go check it out but didnt walk around. You'll be ok just hang in there. Did you look at Drexels Program? why not stay and do Temples Program?
  8. by   Ang99
    My interview went well. I felt like they just wanted to get to know me- you know- see what I'm all about. Everyone was super nice and very genuine. I love the campus and I have friends who've attended for undergrad and they loved it. I graduated with a BS in Biology and I have a 3.08. I thought about applying to Temple's program, but I spoke to the admissions coord. and she said they have an avg of ~120 applicants a year but choose a class of 10. I didn't want to invest my time in such a long shot. As for Drexel, I heard some pretty bad things about their program, and so I am super focused on Villanova. Hopefully things work out. I am an honest believer in fate. I have a great job now, but ultimately, I would love to be more involved in the medical field. If you dont mind me asking, are you changing careers or are you an RN trying to get your BSN?
  9. by   BusyBryRN2B

    I am a criminal justice major that decided to be a nurse instead of a cop. Still helping people but in a different way. I heard Drexel was pretty bad I applied for the hell of it but I really want UMDNJ, then Villanova. I am from south jersey area so UMDNJ is better for me. Yea temple would be a waste of time atleast with Villanova you feel you have a better chance, how many do Villanova let in I forgot all these programs are starting to mesh together for me. Good gpa I am sure you will do fine there. I just wish they told you decisions on the spot after the interview the waiting is killing me.
  10. by   Ang99
    Oh man--The wait is horrible! ) But I appreciate your feedback. I think Villanova lets in about 80 or so for May 09. I heard UMDNJ has an awesome program. I wish you the best of luck! Let me know how you're interview goes! I'm sure you'll do great!
  11. by   Ang99
    Did you hear back from Drexel yet? When did you apply?
  12. by   BusyBryRN2B
    Havent heard anything yet only applied a month ago they wont reply til after Oct 16. Yea I like what I saw at UMDNJ. Thanks for the well wishing and I will let you know how it goes.
  13. by   VU RN BSN
    Best of luck, Pink & Ang!! :wink2:

    I hope you both get accepted to my old alma mater!

    I did not do BSN Express, I did the standard 4 year BSN program as an undergrad straight out of high school.

    I remember having classes with BSN Express students, and they all seemed happy with the program.

    I graduated from Villanova's College of Nursing in May 2004. I moved to Florida, and sadly, I haven't been back to the campus since then. So, I regret to say, I haven't seen the brand new nursing building. But I have been on the website and seen pics, and it looks awesome!! The old home of the College of Nursing was St. Mary's Hall on West Campus. Actually, to be perfectly honest, that was convenient for me, because I lived in St. Mary's Hall my freshman year, and then I lived in the West campus apartments my junior year and senior year. :Sigh: I'm getting all nostalgic. But anyway, I think it is wonderful that Villanova College of Nursing has a brand new building. That means brand new nursing labs and computer labs and everything. Should be much nicer than what we had.

    Well, if you both get accepted to Villanova Nursing, then be sure to enjoy Dr. Carol Weingarten and Dr. Theressa Capriotti!! I adored both of them. They are inspiring.

    Good luck to ya!!

    Nova Nurse, Class of '04
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  14. by   apoptotic

    I'm submitting my Villanova BSNExpress app tomorrow, I just found out about the program and went to the open house the other night...I'm REALLY impressed with the new nursing school, and I think Villanova is my new #1 choice! :heartbeat