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UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing-Term start dates

  1. 0 I am currently taking per-req courses to apply at Shadyside School of Nursing. Does anyone know if they only begin new classes every August (fall term) or do they begin new classes each term (fall and spring) for full-time status? I am planning on applying for Fall 2011, but if they begin classes in the spring term (Jan 2012) also, i may apply to start then. I just took my pre-enterance exam on feb. 16....I hate waiting for results!!!
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    They do have a spring start. They are actually starting next week (2/28). I only know because when I was at the uniform store last week I started talking to a woman there that is starting there and was getting her scrubs.

    I am starting at Shadyside's sister school St Margaret...we start tomorrow...they start a class each Feb and June.
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    I go to Shadyside now and I started in August but they also have a March start date!
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    Thanks so much guys!! I am anxious to start asap but it would be best for me to get the non-nursing course out of the way since I must still be work full time. I only have microbio and A&P 2 until im done, so march would be a good start for me.
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    You will LOVEEE SHY SON!!! =) Good Luck!!
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    I am also applying for fall 2011 (the evening/weekend program). When in August does it start? I have some important work related stuff scheduled for the first two weeks of August. If the semester starts at the end of the month (like most college semesters) I will be fine.
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    Fall term started AUGUST 30th!!
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    perfect! thank you so much!
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    Is anyone else waiting to hear back on their application for the Fall Term? Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me :-)