UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing '09' - page 7

Hello all. I just wanted to provide a thread that those going to Shadyside this year can communicate on. All input is greatly appreciated of course, especially those who have done the program.... Read More

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    Help! I am starting at UPMC Shadyside in the Fall 2012 semester (as in my start date being September 4th) and I have not received my book list! I have informed the school and they keep on saying they sent it to me yet I have not received it. Can anybody please send me the list to my email... at this point I wont have them for the first week and I am a bit stressed about it.:/
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    Just curious, is Shadyside still doing care plans? They did when I went there, but these PBL things sound a whole lot like a care plan and then using the sim lab to act it out?

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