UPMC Shadyside Application Delays

  1. I took the PSB in October and did very well. However, by the time Shadyside sent me my results and then sent me the application packet, a total of 5 weeks had passed. I had to make a few phone calls to remind them to send me these things. The upshot was that I arranged for all my transcripts to be sent by Nov. 17. I verified with the colleges/universities that the transcripts were all sent within a day or two after that. The application deadline is December 10. Today is December 9, but according to Shadyside, nothing has arrived. When I expressed surprise, the admission director said she was not surprised because things take a long time to get from UPMC's main mail center to Shadyside, and they go to the main center even though they were all addressed to Shadyside just as instructed in the application packet. She told me that if my application was not complete by December 10, I could just wait for everything to come in and ask to be considered for Fall admission instead of Spring admission.

    Has anyone else had an experience like this with Shadyside or another UPMC diploma program? I can handle waiting until the fall (I mean, what choice do I have) because it will give me time to take more of the science classes that I'd otherwise have to take while in nursing school. Still, I am wondering whether anyone else has run into this sort of thing because it makes me a bit worried that the school just isn't very keen on me for some reason and hopes to discourage me. Or perhaps they want me to prove that I am sincere about leaving my current profession by seeing if I apply again.

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   tmow86
    I had no problems with St. Margaret. I start there in June. I took my PSB July 21st (i think it was) and had my results in to me exactly two weeks later. I had my entire packet submitted last week of August and had my final decision of being accepted in hand the last week of September or so. I did get my letter a couple days later than everybody because for some reason my mail always arrives later than someone that lives right down the street. Freakin' mail!

    I was going to apply to Shadyside as well but their whole process is annoying to me. With St. Mag's I could submit all transcripts/recommendation letters all in one packet...not the way Shadyside does it.

    I hope everything works out for you. It might be better anyways to get all of your sciences done and whatnot before you start. I will have all of my non-nursing classes completed by the end of this coming sping semester.

    Good luck!!!
  4. by   audreyrasmusson
    I agree it might be just as well to have all the science courses out of the way. This could be a blessing in disguise. At the moment, I am disgusted with the way Shadyside has handled things-- if they anticipate mail being stuck in the UPMC mail system for weeks on end, then why not let applicants know how far in advance they really need to make arrangements to get in under the deadline? My plan at this point it to ask Shadyside to consider me for the autumn-- after all, they might as well do something for the application fee I've paid! By spring, I should have the money to arrange for the transcripts to be sent out all over again (there were several, some from Canada, so costs added up) to St. Margaret's. I think both programs are equally good, to tell you the truth, although I did like the fact that Shadyside students get clinical experience in so many different hospitals.

    Thanks for your response. I wish you the best at St. Margaret's!

  5. by   kbm318
    I had the same problem with the scores being sent to me. I had to call a few times because I never got them so they had to tell them to me over the phone, and they resent the application packet to me. I think I got it about 5 days later. However, with my transcripts I don't think I had any problem with them getting there but I know others did. So I guess it just depends on the days of the week and how the mail is running.

    I had most of my science classes out of the way so it was definitely a lot easier for me once school started. So if you do have to wait until fall you will be glad you took your science classes before hand (if you decide to). And having clinical at the various hospitals is great I love it.
  6. by   audreyrasmusson
    Thanks for your answer. Yes, I agree that more time to do science courses (having A & P out of the way would be wonderful!) could be a blessing in disguise. My plan is to wait until the end of January and if they haven't received everything by then, I'll have the transcripts sent directly to me and then deliver them to Shadyside in their unopened envelopes. Of course, I'll also require them to give me a written receipt for each item! <grin>
  7. by   thatpasunshine
    Don't give up hope!!! It will all work out. I am a recent grad of Shadyside SON and without going into long boing detial i went through wayyyyy more drama than it appears you have... and would do it all again. In the end it was worth it the program is amazing! Just remember that if you get the sciences out of the way make sure you do them both A&P 1 and 2 and that you take them at the same place otherwise they will make you do it over...lol they are full of annoying quirks but even with that you will be hard pressed to find a better program.
  8. by   letyaknow
    I can explain many things about this school, as I was a student here. I can give you a heads up on this school, what to expect, and give an explanation for many things including the possible reasons you are having admission problems. I cannot do it here, but anyone that wants to meet as a group, I would be willing to meet, answer any questions you have, give you tips on survival at the school, etc. Also, I do not think I am going back here, so if anyone does want to meet, I may also have some books, uniforms, etc for sale.
  9. by   audreyrasmusson
    I would love to meet. The admission problems finally resolved and I'll be starting at the end of August. Even so, I would love a heads up and I might just buy some of those books and uniforms. You can email me directly at bravestwomanalive@gmail.com.