UPMC - PSB-RN Exam - page 7

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Has anyone taken the PSB-RN Exam for the UPMC nursing programs? I took mine today and am not sure how I did. There was not enough time to finish the verbal, spatial, math section. I didn't think it was hard, but I only... Read More

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    Sorry things have been busy, I wanted to get back to you sooner. Hopefully you read some of the earlier post and figured it out. I studied but mostly just the science section. I went over math to brush up and did some sample reading comprehensions. It is basic biology and chemistry. Reading comprehension. A spelling section that sucked! Gives 3 ways to spell a word you most likely you have never even heard the word before. If you go to the psb website it has a sample test...it gives you a few sample questions from each section. Good luck.

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