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Has anyone taken the PSB-RN Exam for the UPMC nursing programs? I took mine today and am not sure how I did. There was not enough time to finish the verbal, spatial, math section. I didn't think... Read More

  1. by   lalasd
    Just a few tips for those who will take the PSB in the future: wear a digital watch on your wrist to help you keep track of time instead of having to look across the room at the analog clock. I felt the most unprepared for the reading comprehension portion because it was 40 questions in 15 minutes. In a lot of the practice books they suggested a few techniques such as reading the questions first then skimming for the answers, but for the purpose of this exam I suggest reading the passages once (quickly and with full understanding so don't doze off), then using that knowledge to answer all the questions.
  2. by   mhobson0213
    Hey! I am taking the test in November. I am concerned about the science section. How advanced was the chemistry? Are there questions like this one: When hydochloric acid is added to sodium sulfite and the gas that is formed is bubbled through barium hydroxide, the salt formed is? I haven't take chemistry for about 11 years. I am brushing up, but don't want to spend too much time on questions like that unless it is necessary. Just trying to figure out what to study.
  3. by   snappea
    i took it back in august. i don't remember there being anything quite that detailed on chemistry, and if there was it wasn't common, so it would be a question you could easily skip without it affecting the rest of your exam too much. if i remember right, the chemistry section was more oriented towards very basic/high-school level chemistry (e.g. multiple choice questions asking you what the smallest particle was out of "neutron, proton or electron", or asking you what a negatively charged atom is called (cation, anion, etc.)).
  4. by   mhobson0213
    Thank you snappea! I was getting really stressed out about that. I'll focus on the basics! Are you going to be starting the RN program at upmc Fall 2014? if so what campus?
  5. by   snappea
    no i'm starting shadyside here in january though!

    good luck studying!
  6. by   mhobson0213
    I just took the Saint Margaret PSB today. It was not horrible. Except the spelling. Some say it doesn't count, I sure hope not! I just hope I passed!
  7. by   Dubpgh
    Quote from mhobson0213
    I just took the Saint Margaret PSB today. It was not horrible. Except the spelling. Some say it doesn't count, I sure hope not! I just hope I passed!
    So how was the bio lol? Mine is tomorrow at Mercy
  8. by   Jalisa412
    What did you guys use to study for the PSB test at UPMC Shadyside? Could you tell me what was on the test? I'm really nervous everyone tell Me they failed the first time.
  9. by   mhobson0213
    Sorry things have been busy, I wanted to get back to you sooner. Hopefully you read some of the earlier post and figured it out. I studied but mostly just the science section. I went over math to brush up and did some sample reading comprehensions. It is basic biology and chemistry. Reading comprehension. A spelling section that sucked! Gives 3 ways to spell a word you most likely you have never even heard the word before. If you go to the psb website it has a sample test...it gives you a few sample questions from each section. Good luck.