upmc mercy son and smoking rules

  1. Hi, I will be attending mercy lpn to rn transition in aug 2011 in order to go into the rn program. Can someone tell me about their smoking policy and can we go off of mercy property to smoke without being reprimanded? Also how is the lpn to rn transition course? I also have a choice to go to CCAC in which i passed their lpn to rn transition course but mercy would not except it. Or can someone recommend Mercy or CCAC nursing program. Please help!!!
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  3. by   nursemarion
    Two words- Nicotine patches. Nurses are not smoking at work these days anywhere.
  4. by   jlpsu
    I was going to say the same thing. There is even a big thread here on AN about some hopitals not hiring smokers at all.

    As far as CCAC vs. Mercy SON - I was looking at the same thing. I am applying to Mercy's RN program for next fall.
    The NCLEX pass rates are much higher for Mercy, if that matters to you. I'd do a google search on the NCLEX pass rates for PA and you will see the pass rates for the last 3 to 4 years. CCAC does not have very good pass rates. But does probably have a higher retention rate. Meaning, the people unlikely to pass the NCLEX probably fail out of Mercy long before they take the test.
    Just something to consider in your decision making...
  5. by   poppy79
    In response to the first post, I work at UPMC and (unfortunately) many, many Nurses smoke. As far as the school, they told us you had to be off property similarly to all the hospitals. So obviously quitting is best for many reasons, you will still be able to grab a cig.