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Hi AllNurses community! I have been searching for a thread for the UPMC Mercy Hospital Class of 2015, but alas; no such luck. Therefore, I created one! I was accepted to start in August 2013 and was looking for others who... Read More

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    I'm not sure how long a decision on our applications take. I hope not too long! I'm SO anxious right now!

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    I anxious and nervous. My high school GPA was only a 2.5. But i graduated in 2004. My current college GPA is a 4.0. Hopefully they will overlook the high school grades. I plan to call them on Monday to make sure they received everything.
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    St Margaret told me two weeks
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    I hope Mercy is 2 weeks as well! I think I can do 2 weeks...2 months?? TOTALLY different story! Lol. Navydude, when did you apply? I wouldn't worry too much about your high school grades. You have college credits and you are in the Navy. I think they realize you're a different person then you were 8 or 9 years ago ;o)
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    I mailed my application in on January 23rd. If it only takes two weeks to make a decision, I should be hear something soon.
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    Naturalgirl, Did you apply to any other schools?
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    OK! I turned my application in today! She said a decision is usually made within 7-10 days, so let the waiting game begin!!! I'm so excited! And even if I don't get in this time, its ok because there's always Spring '14 :-) that's what I keep telling myself anyways lol.Navydude, I applied to ALL of the schools (lol). Mercy 1st, Shadyside 2nd, and the St.Margaret campus 3rd & 4th.....SOMEBODY'S gotta accept me!! Hahaha
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    I did the same.. I also applied to Citizens in New Ken I don't take their entrance exam until the end of the month hopefully I don't have to.
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    Ok just took the test today! It was intense! I hope i passed.. I did not finish any portion. ?
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    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you rae!

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