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Hi AllNurses community! I have been searching for a thread for the UPMC Mercy Hospital Class of 2015, but alas; no such luck. Therefore, I created one! I was accepted to start in August 2013 and was looking for others who... Read More

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    Good luck! I had difficulty with the math. Once you pass the test you will be excited to finally get the application process going.

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    I just took the PSB on Saturday....WHOA! That was intense! Of course, I graduated high school in 1998! But still! Lol. Anyways, I hope to apply to Shadyside or Mercy. For any of you that attend Mercy, what are your pros and cons for the program? And what made you choose Mercy over the others? Thanks for the input!
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    Yeah it was pretty crazy Saturday.. I'm just worried about the science and reading. Reading is usually my best area but that was the only section I couldn't complete in time. I'm worried that maybe I shouldn't have answered them all in the other sections by guessing and maybe left some more blank that I wasn't sure of.. we'll see in a few weeks!
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    Vebb, are you applying to St. Margaret's or did you just take the exam there?
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    I didn't think the instructions were that clear. Is it better to skip or take an educated guess?
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    It's better to take an educated guess because they don't count the ones you got wrong. The scores are how many you get right.
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    Ooooooooh ok. Thanks! I didn't do that the first time. The first time I only answered the ones I was positive of. For the test I took this past Saturday I did answer EVERYTHING! Lol...so we'll see how it turns out. Now for the waiting game of getting my scores back!
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    I'm applying to go there or Shadyside as a back up but St Margaret is closer for me. I hate driving in the city! That makes me feel better kind of now that I know how the test is scored they were not clear on that AT ALL. I'm a tad less worried now because I did answer all of the questions but the reading because I ran out of time even if they were a guess.. It's going to be a long two weeks I'm soooo nervous.
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    Hi! I just wanted to join the conversation. I just mailed in my application packet the other day. I'm hoping to get accepted to the Mercy program. Fingers crossed! I'm really hoping I get accepted! I am a transfer student from St. Louis, Mo. My family and I moved here back in August.
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    Results should be in the mail today.. I'm ready to have a heart attack!

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