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Hello, Was anyone accepted into the UPMC Mercy School of Nursing Class of '14 which is starting in August of 2012? I was and I was looking forward to meeting other who have been as well!... Read More

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    I didn't see a code... Its a huge book, I will have to look again.

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    I think they said that you need to buy the bundle. It seems to come with just the textbook or the textbook, user guide and access code:


    The ISBN is off by 2 numbers on the end.

    I haven't bought my books yet but I'll let you know once I get them.
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    I tried to call the school to find out but they are all away this week.
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    Hi everyone, I am currently on the waitlist for the August 2012 start date and next week I will know for sure if a spot opens up in your class. I'm trying to prepare myself for the August 2012 start date since it's only a month away, so does anyone know the exact start date of classes?
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    The use of calculators is permitted during testing and will be provided by the school.

    People are allowed to use calculators during the PSB now. Does this totally **** off anyone other than me???
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    August 27th is the first day, and august 20th is transition day. I hope a spot opens up for you!
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    [font=times]where is everyone buying their books from? the best prices i found so far, from various sources.

    nursing: new 104 used 113 rent 41
    med surg nursing: new 96 used 92 rent 38
    pharmacology: new 55 used 57 rent 32

    anyone else considering renting their books?
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    I just bought everything tonight (including skyscape). I also got the study books associated with our textbooks for additional review. I spent some serious cash (like 600 for everything). I got them all new from amazon. I haven't looked elsewhere. This is just for fundamentals, med-surg and pharm.
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    They told us to buy and not rent because we will use those books throughout the program
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    Quote from sali22
    They told us to buy and not rent because we will use those books throughout the program
    They told us the same thing at shadyside, to buy the nursing course books, but renting the college course ones was ok / advisable.

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