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Hello, Was anyone accepted into the UPMC Mercy School of Nursing Class of '14 which is starting in August of 2012? I was and I was looking forward to meeting other who have been as well!... Read More

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    I'm also in Clinical Group and and Lab 4! Maybe we'll see a lot of eachother..

    Quote from tsdixon427
    Orientation was fun, Except waiting in the lines to get through Financial Aid and the Uniforms part...

    I am also in Clinical Group A, and Lab 4..

    I am starting to get nervous about all of this! I was happy to see that I wasn't the oldest student (I'm 27)....

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    Also, I haven't heard about my scrubs yet. If you call, they will tell you how the order is coming, because they told me that they have shipped mine when I called. I'm going to pick it up at the Bloomfield store as soon as I receive an email...

    I'm in Lab 4 and Clinical Group A, so if anyone is interested in meeting at transition day, that'd be awesome!
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    Well, what day do you have clinical and what day do you have lab?
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    Hey guys! Just joined this sight but I'm in clinical group B and Lab 2(:
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    Do we need both of the Nursing books or just one of them?
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    All of them, I am getting them all from half.com for around 250, there is a discount code HALF18 for 18% off your order.
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    Awesome thanks!
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    Hey everyone who's going to Mercy.
    I made a facebook page for class of 2014.
    Click here to join:
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    Hi I was hoping someone would know about transcripts here? I am getting ready to take my entrance exam, I want to get everything together for my application. I graduated high school in 99. The website for mercy says send them directly to them?! Can anyone please explain the process to me? What about the college ones? Also another question.. For everyone who is taking some of the other classes before. Can you get forgiveness for say A&P? From a different school? Has anyone known of people taking all classes at mercy? Not to be impolite but why apply to mercy? Mercy is the only school without the need for pre req all others that I have found in the area need certain classes before applying?
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    you call your prrvious schools directly and ask them to send your transcripts Mercy. There are a lot of people taking all the classes, probably half. Shadyside doesn't require pre reqs either.

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