UPMC Mercy class of 2014 - page 4

I just got my acceptance letter today! :yeah: Anyone else?... Read More

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    we are thinking of making a study group too if anyone is interested:


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    I got the results back and i passed the test! I made mostly in the 90's and 1 in the 80's. I sent in my application and now I am waiting... ugh the waiting is killer. I really hope there are some spots left!
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    I too didn't receive a score for the spelling, I'm glad about that lol!
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    Congratulations!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!
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    Where did all the UPMC Nursing School websites go? Shadyside's is gone? So is Mercy's?

    EDIT*** Found Shadyside's in a REALLY weird place but Mercy and St. Margaret's are gone?
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    That's so strange! I was literally just on Mercy's yesterday while I was waiting to get my 2nd TB shot. They must be re-doing something.
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    Congrats! I hope you get in!
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    I'm in!!!!!!!!!!
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    That's fantastic!!!!!! Are you going to go to Mercy then or Carlow?
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    I am going to mercy!! I applied to carlow in a panic after I failed the PSB test back in February, and they accepted me really quickly but I always wanted to go to Mercy. I just feel plain awful about having to tell carlow I'm going elsewhere. I have to send in my confirmation fee first just to be double sure of everything!

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