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I am applying to the Second degree nursing program at UPenn. I've decided not to go for the direct entry BSN/MSN program since I am not at ALL ready for the GRE (if they decide that I absolutely HAVE to take my GRE then I will),... Read More

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    I know a couple people who have been granted phone interviews so keep an eye on your inboxes. I wonder if all are getting phone interviews....

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    It said something like that in the email about not being able to grant everyone in person interviews...still waiting :/
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    does not being granted an interview mean that you're most likely not going to be accepted? i wonder what being granted an interview means...
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    about three more weeks or so until we hear from the admissions committee! final stretch guys!
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    Hello everyone! I've applied to the accelerated BSN-MSN program, so I too am waiting to hear on a BSN decision (as well as an MSN decision!). I'm so nervous! They haven't officially decided yet but word on the street is that it'll be not next week, but the week after. AHHH! Good luck everyone, let's keep each other updated of any new news!
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    No word yet for me either.
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    Hello everyone!

    I am also an ABSN only applicant and I was wondering if any of you received an interview? We are getting close to the final decisions and I have not yet received an interview. I hope that does not mean bad news.

    I keep checking my inbox for any news!

    Good luck to everyone!
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    revesreves, I don't think it necessarily means anything discouraging if absn only applicants don't receive interviews because I remember reading on one of these threads that there have been absn applicants who werent interviewed but were accepted. we'll receive decisions soon enough, good luck to us all!
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    Does anyone know the exact date when we're supposed to hear from them? Is it this coming Monday, feb the 4th?!
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    Thanks greeneggs! Keeping the hope alive! Is UPENN your number one choice?

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