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I have been lucky enough to be accepted at both institutions as I am about to embark on my decision to go into Nursing Undergrad. I have completed two years at a different University as an English Major and am now making the big... Read More

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    I second shuttlin's response. Go for grad school and save yourself the financial headache. There's no reason to give all that money to Penn just to jeopardize your financial future. You won't be paid more as a nurse because you went to Penn; you'll earn what Drexel grads earn too. If we were talking about Wharton, the difference in tuition would be worth it.

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    I was accepted into PSU rn to bsn online. Does anyone have any experience with this program?? Thank u!
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    I wonder if anyone can comment on the general diffculty of the nursing program at Drexel? I was accepeted for this coming fall as a transfer student and I want to know what I am getting into. I looked online at the nursing curc. and I am wondering about Anatomy 3 and Chemsitry 3, at my school Anatomy and Chemistry stop at 2 and drexel they have a 3... wth?

    Most of the science stuff like anatomy/phys, micro will be done by this summer but again if anyone can fill me in on the general diffculty of the program?

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