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I have been lucky enough to be accepted at both institutions as I am about to embark on my decision to go into Nursing Undergrad. I have completed two years at a different University as an English Major and am now making the big... Read More

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    Since you are ready to take challenge, apply there and let's see how much scholarship you get. Your school sounds very deceitful but I did not get such an experience from Drexel.Drexel is very strict with their rules and it is nation's toughest nursing program.Best of luck

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    Nicolemsm, just giving you a heads up that I PMd you.
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    Quote from nocheapones
    Nicolemsm, just giving you a heads up that I PMd you.
    Hi nocheapones I replied to your message (and I think it sent.... hopefully) tell me if it didnt though
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    Quote from nanciepaul
    If you fail 3 clinical classes, you are out of the program also you can not transfer the credits from Drexel.
    This is pretty typical of any nursing program. I don't know of any program where clinical courses can be transferred. Failing 3 clinical courses is pretty lenient, I think. For most programs, it's two.

    Quote from nanciepaul
    Passing score for any nursing class is 76% and there is hesi with each course which counts 10-15% of your grade.
    Again, pretty typical of any nursing program. I even had this in my community college ADN program.

    Quote from nanciepaul
    At the end they will make you take exit hesi and thats where extremely smart students fail. I have 3.8 GPA but still needed to take exit hesi 2 times to get a score above 950. If you fail the second attempt you need to repeat a course which 2000 dollars. You can also search for some other threads about drexel exit hesi.
    The HESI requirement is pretty standard for most programs in this area. It's a way to prep for the NCLEX, and it also protects the school from having too many students fail the NCLEX the first time, which can affect their accreditation (I think).

    Quote from nanciepaul
    COOP is awesome but still a waste of time. You need to spend more time in school than any other nursing program
    I'm surprised you don't see the value in a CO-OP expreience. Granted, I didn't do a co-op with my program, but I think gaining experience before graduation can only enhance your learning. You can take the theoretical and textbook knowledge and apply them to practice before you actually become a nurse (and get paid for doing so).

    Quote from nanciepaul
    Also Drexel has very rigid rules, such as not rounding the hesi score, no adjustments in anything. If you think you can survive all this, you are more than welcome to go there because in the end you will have a knowledge of a physician. Best of Luck
    All schools have rigid rules, and for a reason. Nursing school is tough no matter where you go. None of what you said is solely a Drexel experience. All nursing programs have the same rules, passing requirements, etc . for the most part.


    That said, best of luck at Drexel to the original poster. I'm currently in the RN-to-BSN completion program and am definitely enjoying the challenging nature of the courses (even statistics!).

    Edit: I didn't realize this was such an old thread. Sorry!
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    Hi, I am currently enrolling in Drexel's RN to BSN online program. You are attending? how is the program for you, is it very challenging? how are the classes/professors? any help is appreciated. thanks.
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    Hi, if I were you I would go to Penn.

    There will be lots of opportunities for scholarships and grants, because it's quite big school.

    I believe ranking of the school is not the most important thing, but quite important things to consider!
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    Oh, I responded thinking this was a recent post and missed the 2005 date of the initial post. Oops. Hope he/she made the right decision.
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    Quote from nanciepaul
    Drexel Nursing
    Easy to get In.
    Hard to stay In.
    Tough to survive..
    Exactly how Jefferson FACT program is...Gosh such a killer and they take your life away for a whole year....and expensive school
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    Quote from phillygrl
    Exactly how Jefferson FACT program is...Gosh such a killer and they take your life away for a whole year....and expensive school
    It's cheaper than a lot of other schools I looked at! After looking at NYU, Columbia, Penn, Mount St. Marys, and some others, it's half the price! It's even cheaper than Drexel by a few thousand dollars. Even a crappy state school program that I looked at was $27k. I'd rather pay the extra $10k to get a better education. (Not trashing state schools, just one program in particular that I won't mention.) I didn't even think Temple's program was much more affordable.
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    honestly, yes penn has a fantastic program, but all in all you are paying for the name. Drexel has just as good nursing program as penn and they also have the co-op which is what attracted me to drexel. you could get your nursing degree at drexel and than go to penn for the msn if you still want to go to penn at the end of all of this. theres no reason to go into so much dept if you dont have to.
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