UPenn BSN/MSN 2010

  1. Just thought id start a new thread for those who are waiting to hear back from upenn's bsn/msn program. The waiting is killing me. I dont think i have a chance at getting in (low GPA/GRE scores), but i just want to know so that i can move on and not have this waiting on my shoulders. Anyone else out there?
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  3. by   KellyJH
    Me! I was told that we should hear sometime this month... so early. Good luck!!!
  4. by   ESH427
    I am also anxiously waiting. Did you apply for the June start date?
  5. by   b3starr
    I did, for the womens health np. What track did you apply for?? I honestly dont think i have chance. Its really a long shot. Ive already been denied from UCSF and Yale, so my expectations from UPenn arent high. But id still like to know so im not wondering. The wait is driving me crazy!
  6. by   KellyJH
    I applied for the Adult NP track... I'm excited to hear back from Penn soon but also wish they told us a little later when the other programs are going to let us know. It will be hard to tell Penn yes or no before I know the decision from other schools, especially b/c it's one of my top 3 but I don't know exactly which school is my #1 quite yet... has anyone heard when we should hear the final decision yet other than sometime in January??
  7. by   amojo99
    i applied, and am impatiently waiting for the FNP track. i read in a thread last year that they heard around next friday, decisions posted online at 3pm. i too was wondering about the deposit and all that stuff. im happy to hear from penn so soon, as i can't stand to wait longer. my financial aid is in as well, and i'm hoping for a lot from that penn grant.

    good luck to all.
  8. by   aneres1390
    I applied to the BSN program..I was told late Jan or early Feb...
  9. by   amojo99
    from the applicant portal today:
    Admissions decisions for Accelerated Nursing Program applicants have been completed and the Office of Admissions has discontinued the tracking of application materials. All necessary documents were available for review by the Admissions Committee or you would have been contacted directly.
  10. by   KellyJH
    What does this mean?! I have the same message on my UPenn Portal page...
  11. by   KellyJH
    So my friend who also applied just called the admissions office and they said they are sending out notifications via snail mail so it looks like we will have to keep waiting anxiously!
  12. by   b3starr
    I have the same message. I think it just means that were going to get admissions decisions soon.
  13. by   ESH427
    Interesting...I called last week and was told that on (maybe by) 2/1/10 we would recieve an email telling us that decisions had been made and posted to our portal. Then we could check the portal to see if we are in or not. I was also told that we would recieve notification via snail mail, but that the portal would be the quickest way to find out.

    I guess all we know is the end is near! How suspenseful!!
  14. by   vfro
    hey everyone. glad to see this new thread started. I applied to the accelerated BSN/MSN program as well (FNP speciality).

    hopefully those decisions get to us soon!