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Just thought id start a new thread for those who are waiting to hear back from upenn's bsn/msn program. The waiting is killing me. I dont think i have a chance at getting in (low GPA/GRE scores), but i just want to know so that i... Read More

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    I have the same message. I think it just means that were going to get admissions decisions soon.

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    Interesting...I called last week and was told that on (maybe by) 2/1/10 we would recieve an email telling us that decisions had been made and posted to our portal. Then we could check the portal to see if we are in or not. I was also told that we would recieve notification via snail mail, but that the portal would be the quickest way to find out.

    I guess all we know is the end is near! How suspenseful!!
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    hey everyone. glad to see this new thread started. I applied to the accelerated BSN/MSN program as well (FNP speciality).

    hopefully those decisions get to us soon!
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    Did anyone else get the scary email from admissions saying when we can check the portal to see our admission decisions?
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    I got that email and it just about gave me a heart attack!! I appreciate the email and the deadline though. Only one more week until part of our destiny unfolds...
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    I nervously checked my status online today at 3:00 EST and I was warmly congratulated as I was accepted into the ABSN program, followed by a more casual e-mail informing me about the MSN portion of the program! I couldn't be more happy, as I was so fond of UPenn when I went to visit. However, now I have to make a really tough choice whether to attend Hopkins or Penn.
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    Congrats Grig_CA!
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    Congrats Grig CA! I too was accepted!!! What master's specialty are you in? I have applied to 4 other schools including UCSF (my interview was actually right before I checked my Penn status) so I won't hear other decisions for at least a month but Penn is one of my top 2!
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    Congrats to you too, KellyJH! I'm going in for the FNP specialty. UPenn is a wonderful school, but I hope you get into UCSF! Keep us updated on what happens.
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    Hey everyone! Is anyone planning to go to the open house at the end of Feb?? Also there anyone who for sure decided on Penn yet??

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