those applying for dccc fall 2013;i scored 68 percentile for my teas,and i was ranked - page 3

those applying for dccc fall 2013;i scored 68 percentile for my teas,and i was ranked 17,pls is there anyone that scored below that or equal to that and got accepted to dccc?... Read More

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    Congrats to you both!

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    Quote from marycarney
    Congrats to you both!
    Thank you!!!!
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    BijoutLPN I tried to message you back but your inbox is full! emtpy lol so we can talk
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    OK people, i didnt petition for 2013,so am doing my prerequisite and am almost through with it all,i will be applying for fall 2014, by the grace of God, i know i will be accepted . but have been thinking of applying to neumann too, because i will be through with my i will just see how it goes
    DCCC first,Neumann follows
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    Anyone applying for dccc 2014 or neumann 2014
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    Quote from jessika12gold
    If I were to get my RN (go through the program, classes, clinicals, pass my boards)with an associates then continued to get my BSN would I have to go through another program? Or would I just take the necessary classes whether it be prereqs or nursing classes without the clinicals and boards?
    From the research I have done on the pa bsn programs, you have to apply for admission to their nursing programs and depending on which nursing program you go with you may have to do additional clinicals. There are several online only options, jefferson offers one to where you just take online courses, no additional clinicals for I believe two semesters. You wont have to take the boards again once you become RN with your associate degree. I was also thinking about doing a lpn-bsn bridge but decided on dccc since it would be cheaper then i will transfer into a bsn program. Dccc also has several transfer options for bsn. Good luck.
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    We are almost there ladies!!
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    Moved thread from Delaware across the border to Pennsylvania State Nursing Programs
    DCCC is in my backyard: 2 of my staff just graduated from this rigorous program, while another is 1/2 way through.

    Program is restricted to Chester and Delaware County PA residents. To complete BSN, many choose West Chester State or Immaculatta's BSN completion program --have graduates of both those programs also working for me...

    Neumann was my alma mater along with another 2 staff working for me....

    Last staffer graduated from Thomas Jefferson ABSN program and passed boards 7/2/13!!!!

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